Interview from my only daughter

Its the spring of 2033 and I am interviewing a man that has helped myself along with so many other people in many ways, my father Kris Disbrow. Dad, I am so happy that I get to interview you for my Master’s thesis and more people in the world can get to know you a little better like I do.

I remember being a little girl and watching you work so hard to not only provide for Mom and me but all the things you did to help others around you. It had such a strong imprint on me that I want to thank you for being such a positive role model and loving dad, you taught me so much.

Thanks for doing this Dad, I am really excited to have you in my life and even more excited for the people to find out about your healing center and how it helped me along with many others turn their life around and most of us have had a lot of impact on others ourselves because of you. Please tell them your story.

Well Violet, first off let me thank you for the opportunity to sit down with you and let everybody know who will hear this, that they can achieve all of their dreams and goals regardless of their beginnings because I’m living proof that it can be done. I will give you the short version today because I know we don’t have much time.

As you know being born to a 17 year old single mother in the early 70’s was becoming more of a trend, yet it was still isolated enough that it brought many difficulties, welfare office trips, food stamps, random strangers around. Not to mention three step dads by the time I was 9 and the second one was very abusive which is not what a 3 year old should endure. Unfortunately most of my earliest memories was him hurting and threatening me. This was the main reason your mom and i waited so long to have you. We didn’t want to see you put into any negative situations beyond our control.

Luckily for me though my grandmother was around to love me and protect me as much as she could and if it wasn’t for her in the beginning I never would have made it to even get to the really challenging part of my life.

Wow Dad what do you mean the really challenging part of your life?

Well surviving teenage years without any good adult influence, although seemingly fun at first, was pretty tough. I was having sex and doing drugs by time I was 13 years old, I stole, I lied, and I cheated. I was a real punk kid. I know I have shared several stories with you, even though they do not make me proud, they certainly paved the way to get me where I am today. Not too mention why I was so intent on you having discipline in your life so you could be spared some of the horrible things that I, as well as some of your peers had to endure.

Yes Dad, I have heard most of your stories but if I didn’t know you it would be hard to believe, please continue.

I probably wasn’t as bad as some but definitely worse so than most, on my 16th birthday I had consumed six different drugs. So the fact that I survived that decade from 13-23 is pretty miraculous to say the least. During that time I had been in 7 motor vehicle accidents, fell off a house, nearly overdosed, dropped out of High School twice, put myself in a lot of seriously dangerous situations and just generally took really poor care of myself, yet for some reason I was spared.

I can certainly say the first time that you told me some of your stories my jaw about dropped but I know you haven’t shared all of them with me since I am your little girl.

It was actually in my late 20’s that I began to figure some stuff out. I quit smoking cigarettes when I was 28 and started to be a little more mindful about my weight but it took another 15 years to make great changes that stuck. I had a decent job back then and saved enough money to put down on my house when I was 30. However I got fired 3 weeks later for writing a letter to the CEO of the company to tell him what a bad job he was doing, lol, that turned out to be a big turning point for me though and was the best thing that could have happened. I went back doing something I enjoyed working for a previous employer for about a year when I decided to start my own company.

But the best investment I ever made by far was the MKMMA program in 2015 when you were almost 3 years old.

Yeah dad, I vaguely remember seeing shapes on the walls and all the little index cards laying around the house and in the truck that you would pull out and read all the time. As I got older it really helped me decide the direction my life was going to take and what I wanted to accomplish.

Well Violet as I was starting to say in my early thirties I begin to experience a little success. I was practicing a lot of the master keys and Emerson’s law of compensation but didn’t even know it.

What do you mean Dad?

Well I mean my mind had been introduced to the power of positive thinking and manifesting good things from good intentions. I was listening to holosync and meditating regularly.  Things were moving along but the recession in 2007 really killed our primary business but the construction company that we started in 2009 became very successful, although it was very stressful most of the time. Even though it was financially rewarding it wasn’t my passion. I didn’t want to work in an office any more so I decided to work just one day a week and was still earning about $10,000 /mo to focus on something I was passionate about.

For most of my youth I’d used cannabis for recreation and some medication and I continue to do so to this day, but way back then it was demonized and illegal unlike today where it is used in almost everything because of its great properties.  In early 2017 I went into business with a friend Jason (the one who introduced me to MKMMA) and Zach (My younger brother in law’s friend) in a cannabis based business. Within 6 months we had everything fully functional with the production end of things and I started focussing on the high CBD strains for super medicine as it was completely legal in WA and OR at that time. We later created a secondary outlet for industrial hemp that has become one of the Nation’s leading suppliers for all sorts of textiles and fuel.

Yeah I know Dad, it’s so good to be able to have natural medicine be the prominent use this day and age instead of crazy drugs from pharmaceutical companies that told you they could kill you in their own commercial. But let’s get to the program.

Sure Violet, you’re right, it was the money that I made in that industry that really allowed me to go full bore with the program. Back in 2018 we had achieved our dream house on several acres and I built some tiny houses with the intention of having a family type commune even though it was just mom, you and I. Part of the compound was a center lodge that had a big kitchen, bath house, large gathering room for exercise or art and a sauna. It turned out that one of our neighbors was a foster parent to about 4 kids, we discussed how many young people needed direction and means to achieve a better life. Together we worked on a program for kids and young adults that didn’t have the means to do something positive for even a weekend or an entire summer that didn’t cost anything. Young people who recognized that life was not heading in the direction they wanted or that didn’t have a family to count on for support or just individuals that don’t have many friends.

As you know the tremendous life changing experience that I had with MKMMA in 2015 taught me how to think and change my focus on the beauty and love of the world instead of the strife and sorrow. So I wanted a place for young people that wanted to focus on those practices and inspire them to do great things. We started having your friends and some older kids start coming out on certain weekend trips and after a few years we did an entire month over the summer. We had lots of parents volunteer and help teach gardening, meditation, yoga, art and many other healing ways to live their lives.

Yeah Dad, I remember being in about first or second grade when you started the weekend classes. You taught us about focusing within to change the world without. I knew it was going to be something special even at that young age.

Well in the past 10 years we have had the honor and ability to influence several hundred peoples lives and give back to the community by providing a place where these sort of positive things can be taught and expressed. It has grown into an even more diverse place of learning and sharing. Since the beginning we have incorporated Jujitsu, cooking, consciousness exploration, massage, acupuncture, basketball, driving range, metaphysics, firearms practice and training, hunting and food preservation being taught by many volunteers who know the value of strong community building.

Well Dad, simply amazing. Thank you so much for sitting with me today and telling a part of your story. For those of you who want to know more pick up a copy of Kris’ book, “One Man’s Journey”, and thank you for everything you have done in my life, and so many others lives. I love you.



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