Master Key Week 18 – Take Two

Things are certainly beginning to come together in several positive ways. I have been putting good thoughts and energy into a few aspects of my life and am seeing some results. I have been consistent with eating better, drinking less, exercising and stretching 4-5 x a week. I am feeling stronger, clearer, and have been sleeping well waking up more refreshed and eager to start my day.

I was out of town this past weekend on a business trip that didn’t allow me to participate in the webinar but I plan on watching the replay before the Super Bowl. As I have said early on that this is my 2nd time around, most of the work is reaffirming and strengthening my thought process but it isn’t new information to me so I do not get to hard on myself for missing things here or there as the entire program has obviously and continues to make positive changes in my life.

The weekend trip was very fun and productive. I got to play a couple rounds of golf and made some very good shots which brings me a lot of joy. I took some good info back to my business which will create some improvements for the entire team.

Going to go to a basketball game tonight and stay downtown with my wife but need to go back to the office first for a couple more hours so I am leaving this a little bland.

Until next time……


Master Key Week 16 – Take Two

Kindness….this is one of my favorite weeks and in fact the greatest “assignment” in all of the MKMMA program. I find myself really trying to witness it and go out of my way to contribute to make my world a little bit better and instilling some kindness wherever I went.

The law of growth is indisputable and anyone who has this experience can attest to this fact. The world is kinder than we often think but I can only wonder how glorious society would be if this was taught to all the children of the world. At the very least we should petition to  have a National Kindness Month!!

Give more get more was so prevalent here, I want to really hit it home this time around and slowly but surely I can feel my spirit ready to POP and really give myself to the whole process and give myself permission to feel. Next week is enthusiasm for me and I am going to use the law of growth again and get excited.

This just keeps getting better and better.

Until next time……


Master Key Week 15 – Take Two

I am natures greatest miracle, funny but I think I am starting to believe that. Along with the Franklin Makeover and Hanel focussing on words and insight this week really bring things together for me.

My life is continuing to bring situations and circumstances that the universe clearly wants me to experience, mostly good yet stressful but nothing horrible. I certainly believe everything we are practicing with MKMMA even though as my second time around I still struggle with the old blueprint and may not be as far along as I think I should be at times.

In fact I would like to let everyone who is doing this with me that most people will not have insane life altering changes after this program ends, a rare few will make all their dreams come true at the end of the course but the majority of us will need to continue to apply the knowledge until OUR dreams do come true, which has no choice but to manifest….IF WE DO THE WORK, if we take what we have learned and become self directed is reward in of itself.

Do the work, I say to myself, look at how much things changed already. Who cares if this is your second time around, I obviously didn’t get everything I was supposed to the first time, and you know what? If I do it a 3rd, or a 4th or every year for the rest of my life, I would still be trying, persisting, recognizing a life filled more with Love and Kindness, practicing the work. Talk about a win 🙂

I think it was week 13 where Hanel said sometimes when we get what we think we wanted we are disappointed to find out it wasn’t what we needed. I feel that sometimes my DMP is still a hair off but I will get it eventually, rather as I change and continue to grow, it will coalesce with my spirit.

I am so grateful for everything in my life.

Until next time……….

Master Key Week 14 – Take Two

Hope all at a great Christmas. It was a nice experience to witness Christmas as a father of a 4 year old and seeing her joy and excitement as she opened her gifts. How greatful she was and how sweet she was. Reminds me of things I want to incorporate in my life. The Joy, bliss, glee, silliness, laughter, gratitude, and love. So pure, and I will do whatever it takes to ensure she gets to have that for her entire life.

I want to plant Corn in my land, not nightshade, lol. I can do whatever I want and I want peace and harmony. I want 2017 to be the greatest year of my life and I know that it will be. Applying the knowledge that the MKMMA course has shown me the way, even though I still haven’t done as good as I could have, the changes and experiences that has taken place over the past year and a half has been wonderful. The greatest change is my hopefulness of greatness and how wonderful the future has for me and my family is just crazy! i used to focus and think about terrible things happening outside my control. WHAT  SHIFT OF THOUGHT!!!!!

Everything is possible now. I cannot wait to see what is to come.

Until next time…..

Master Key Week 13 – Take Two

Cant believe Christmas is coming again. This year will be really cool as Violet it nearly 4 now and has so much excitement about the holiday that it has inspired me to really enjoy the reason for the season.

Persistence really has paid off for our family and our business. We have been self employed for almost 14 years and it appears that I may actually get a tax return this year because of persistent continuous effort to improve the financial planning of the company and ourselves.

It feels really cool that we are able to give everyone Monday off paid for all 41 of our employees. It also appears that we are going to get 2 more really big projects, lol its almost unbelievable where we have gotten.

Violet and I spent 5 hours with my mom this week and it was rather pleasant. She seems to be in a better headspace than she has in a long time. It has been almost a year since she got into that “halfway house”and she isn’t going to be able to stay another one so she needs to find something else. I told her I would help her look but she really can’t get into a place  by herself as rent is just so damn expensive right now, its crazy what people are paying, up to $200 a sq ft, FOR RENT?!?! But I am sure there is something out there for her, and I know if she can think the right way she will get to a better spot. I will help her in anyway I can as long as she helps herself.

We are all part of the whole after all.

Until Next Time……..

Master Key Week 12 – Take Two

Well as I said last post we had gotten into a small auto accident and it has just created some inconveniences more than anything else so perhaps the lesson is for me to keep trudging through. Persistence pays off and every time I do it, it pays off for me. Makes you wonder why the old subby can still hook its claws into me after this course.

One thing that I have promised to myself is to participate in an exercise program with a trainer 2x week for 4 months. The class is called Yogilachi and it is like Yoga/tai-chi/pilates holistic mix. The gal who started it has a lot of the Master Keys and OG in her teachings so it is very in tune with MKMMA and helps me associate things better in a physical representation.

Still having some struggles doing the sits and reading things with unbridled enthusiasm but I am going to maintain persistence.

Law of growth is constantly showing itself with many things in my life. I am so grateful for this experience and the knowledge I have gained over the past 2 years. I can be what I will to be.

Until next time…..

Master Key Week 11 – Take Two

Well sometimes things happen that are outside of our control. This week was derailed slightly by an auto accident that my wife and I were in on Friday. It seemed pretty small and insignificant but the damage was pretty massive. Neither of us got really hurt but definitely some whiplash. We hit 2 parked Fed Ex trucks due to some black ice on the road. None the less i didn’t write this then so this is a post date explanation.

I believe that everything happens for a reason (actually I know because of the course it’s because of what we think) but struggling to understand what the reason for this is but I am sure it will present itself during a sit.

Keeping this one short to get to next one.

Until next time……

Master Key Week 10 – Take Two

Week 10 is the most challenging to me when it comes to the exercise. I just have tremendous difficulty seeing a single line let alone the cone, hard to change colors when you cannot even see the thing your trying to manipulate. Then we get the persistence scroll so it becomes a duel, lol.

The mental diet is actually getting easier week by week as is the no opinions. Both are deep seeded concrete but after last year and revisiting it this year it is certainly becoming more manageable.

I am doing a better job linking things this time around but still struggle with the emotional part. I have so many things to be grateful for but I really want to be doing something different at times. Most everything is better with the business than this time last year but my partner is going through some very challenging times and he displaces anger to the wrong people over the wrong subject matter. I do not know how much longer I can put up with his insanity but I love and and care about him a great deal but it is like beating my head against the wall at times. I just have to keep reminding myself the same thing I tell my wife which is if I changed what I do not like about him then he wouldn’t be as good as he is. i wish I could do more to help him out but he is on his own journey ass we all are.

I started a new program at an awesome place called Yogilachi which is like yoga, pilates and tai-chi wrapped into one. Its a very holistic program and the instructor understands me and my goals. She is familiar with a lot of our work in this course which makes her another ally in my play.

Life always seems to go up and down and I just need to keep my thoughts in check.

Until next time…..

Master Key Week 9 – Take Two

Oops, I totally let Thanksgiving blow me out of my cycles. I cannot believe that I missed 2 blogs. Today is a new day though so I am only going back to week 9 and then do week 10 later this week.

Week 9 exercise is my favorite as I love plants in general and am a novice gardener so it is cool to visualize the process in my mind. I can tell this time  around that the mental exercises are really important as I still struggle staying focussed all the time and keep pulling myself back to what I am working on. The battleship last week was a challenging process but I did it 5 days. I actually only did the plant exercise 5 days as well but it is something that interests me more.

I am still having trouble with the enthusiasm of things. My life is so blessed but I really want to do something different for my profession but cannot simply walk away as there are too many people depending on me. I have some action plans to make a change into the cannabis industry as that is something that I have always been very passionate about. I have some really good ideas how to get more and more people to recognize that plant for what it is. A miracle from mother nature that has countless uses in society and interpersonally instead of toxic chemicals and processes. I truly want to be a influencer in that field.

Sorry that I have sort of fallen off the wagon with the MKMMA program but what last year taught me is you can CHOOSE to get back up and start again. Your only able to fall behind completely if you give up completely. Any progress at all is good work and should be recognized and valued for what it is. Even if your step is one inch forward, it is still FORWARD PROGRESS. Blessings to all during the Holiday Season and my your wishes and dreams begin to unfold before you.

Until next time……..

Master Key Week 7 – Take Two

This week was pretty good for me other than falling behind on the assignments. Again  given that this is the second time around I already have my Movie poster, my shapes, my music (still need to redo my press release though) so I haven’t been as diligent with all the daily exercises and I have missed more webinars already than I did all of last year due to travel and other obligations but the message of the program is not lost on me,  in fact it really blows me away each week as I get to reaffirm the way things really are.

I still get lost in some daily struggles that are challenging but generally speaking I am in a good spot. I have added another support member to my team to help me get over the hump of my physical limitations as the one thing I have the most issues with is my weight and flexibility but that has already begun to change. The instructor is like no one I have ever met in that industry and she is familiar with the masterkeys and wattles so she is helping me utilize what I learned with MKMMA last year with a different way to think and manage health. I am looking forward to the next few months.

Well this is lame of me but I will be going now.  Not sure if anyone is reading these anymore but if you are I apologize for this year for being a little weak so far but if it’s any consolation it should show that this program works cause I am in such a better mental and emotional space than I ever was before.

Until next time…..