Master Key Week 17 – Take Two

The Franklin makeover is pretty cool….the Kindness week was my favorite but being on Enthusiasm now I am finding it becoming easier to notice as the observer as well as feel the experience of excitement this week. Giving myself permission to feel a couple weeks ago just so synchronistically aligned with my last counseling session it is just perfect.

We are looking for a new office for our company and feel like we found the perfect spot. It’s really cool how those butterflies are still inside my belly and that I am still capable of feeling the flutter of anticipation and excitement even though I do not get to feel that enough, i know it is within me. As long as I keep up the work and persistently hold in my mind what I want I know it will come to fruition. It is almost scary and certainly surreal but each time I get a step closer to truly believing it and having little changes manifest in my life it make me really wonder how amazing my life can be, not just for me but for all those around me.

Next week is discipline, which I anticipate I will do better than last year for several reasons. One main thing is a new exercise program i have been doing for the past 2 months or so. Its called Yogilachi and I just love it. Its all about posture, proper body mechanics,  slow controlled movements that make all the little muscles inside you that haven’t worked since I was about 10 years old, lol. Its so challenging but rewarding.

Very excited to see where it takes me.

Until next time…….