Master Key Week 7 – Take Four?!?

WTF?!? Did i just type that title? Where has the time gone? Why hasn’t my DMP been completely fulfilled? What is wrong with this course? What is wrong with me?

Well the answer is simple. Concrete is THICK and hard to chisel away at times. However, when you do the work, the hard mental labor that most are not willing to do, it will happen. It cannot NOT happen. I mean like any good diet or workout program, if you DO THE WORK, you will lose weight and get stronger, PERIOD.

I just read my last post from January (yes shame on me for being so long ago) and HO LEE FUK. I cannot even tell you how many things have transpired since then, so I will hit the highlights.

We had just moved into our office at that time and were not even close to being settled. Barely are now. Anyway the first few months was a lengthy and very expensive back and forth BS to come to an agreement for the company buyout. I wont get into the details but I made several serious concessions trying to make it work. Or at least the ones i thought would make it work. We signed at end of May but set it at 1/1/18 for a clean slate. I was trying to keep him on (since he is a world class salesman) to entice him financially and secure our first year as a single owner company. Only thing is that he broke the agreement within 5 months. He passed on so many leads, disparaged us and worst of all tried getting a salesman that we just hired to go work for his other company. Not only that, it changed our friendship forever. Was a long time coming, I put up with so much shit for so long it was ridiculous. Regardless he got the buyout money but I do not have to pay him any commissions cause he never hit his mark.

For the longest time I was conditioned by him to believe I could never make it without him. That he was so great at what he did that he could just hire people to do the stuff he doesn’t know how, or care to learn to do. Truth is, we could never make it with him after the buyout. Once my wife and I started going out an introducing ourselves to vendors, potential clients, competitors, etc.. we learned quickly that he had wronged several people and made a bad name for himself, and the company, specifically with professional women. My wife and I started calling it the “apology tour” as we were letting people know he was no longer an owner. Its amazing how much shit comes out of the woodwork when people feel comfortable. Again, I will leave out the details here but suffice it to say I am shocked we never got sued and didn’t lose the company.

In the midst of all this turmoil I was slightly concerned about how we were going to make it. I was completely off the MKE train and slipped back into some old blueprint thinking and habits. But I had apparently learned enough and planted enough seeds that things were presenting themselves that were rather unexpected. First a random salesman named Mark walked into our office one day looking for a different company to sell for. He was glad that he found us instead, as were we. I didn’t have a lot of faith at first but he has really come along way in the past few months. We also had another salesman (the one my former partner tried to poach) that appeared out of the blue after a 2 year hiatus that used to work for us. Tremendous salesman but over promises and doesn’t quite ask for the right amount of money. We have high hopes for him but will have to keep a tight leash on him.

Meanwhile I am waiting diligently for the cannabis producer/processor license to come through but there was a holdup with the WSLCB and they never told me. Back in January I was all cleared and was told at that time by them and the sellers it should happen anytime. Well I am so above board that I din’t want to risk anything so I paid for Insurance, lease, and utilities for the next 6 months, always waiting, being told “We gave them everything they asked for”. In February my partner and I went to tour a facility in AZ that was ran by some guy we met at the Cannacon last November. It was the most incredible thing I ever saw and instantly realized the level to which some people are taking this industry. After March came and went I told the sellers that I couldn’t continue to pay $4k a month without seeing any return. We agreed that they were going to “hire” my partner to run the operations so when the deal transferred over it would be truly turn key. Well that obviously created more expenses so the $4k went to $8k for the next few months but he was starting to produce some very good stuff. Problem was we couldn’t sell it cause we didn’t have the license. I am pretty sure some shady shit went down so I was going to maintain plausible deniability by removing myself from any more payments but was so convinced that because my partner and I were both very into MKE (his first year) that one more month and it will happen. Well sadly he lost out on 10 months of work and progress and I lost out on about $30k after it was all done and said. In the end the sellers were under investigation but never disclosed that to us, nor did the State. Very disappointing to say the least. Rather heartbreaking. Utterly cause it seemed to be the perfect scenario.

Funny though how things transpire. Being an observer to the best of my ability through all this I was amazingly able to maintain unbelievable calmness and forgiveness. A lot of the stuff I had worked on over the previous few years with MKMMA and therapy a ton of GOOD STUFF seeped into that mysterious source that never sleeps.

Sometimes we are tested to see how badly we really want something. Is it AUTHENTIC or is it an idea of what we wish it to be? We change as we grow older, through necessity or desire. Unforeseen circumstances or simple maturity. I am not saying that I do not want to be in that industry but the YEARNING DESIRE currently isn’t there. Has my DMP been so off all along, or have I changed? What is it that I really want? I am still trying to figure out, rather hone in on the specifics so I can laser focus and achieve my dreams. What are my dreams?  know I want to spend as much time teaching my nearly 6 year old daughter everything that I can while playing as much golf as possible, lol. I wish i picked up a club 35 years ago and got the taste I have now. Only been playing consistently with training and practice for 3 years and might have 100 total rounds under my belt over the past 15 years when I tried for the first time.

I digress. What I have learned about the portion I have laid out above (and yes there is much, much more that has gone on) and all the very negative circumstances and situations that has accompanied all of it there has been an understanding, a recognition that subby (or the universe) go the WAY you think that it will go. It truly is the WHAT and not the HOW that we need to stay committed to. Plant the seeds, care for them and trust that what you sow is what you will reap. It will be OK even if you forget you planted some cause they can still grow off the food and water from the seeds you are actually expecting to germinate and grow.

Back to some very positive info regarding my construction company. Right when everything with my partner was looking like it was going south and not going to work out for us we got an Angel dropped in our lap. Now that may be over selling it a bit but I am completely serious about how this wonderful, smart and fired up young woman came to meet Jenn and I on our “apology tour” and after a 4 hour “interview’ turned into a wonderful relationship between her and us. She is kicking down every door my former partner closed and helping us re brand our name without all the nonsense. She has only been with us for 3 full months but has already bridged gaps and laid new pathways for past and new business relationships.

The universe works in mysterious ways and although I know that I have the ability to achieve my DMP in life it still amazes me how things actually play out in the world without. I may not have done this program to its fullest ever, especially after year one. BUT what I have been able to overcome, and the attitude of gratitude I can possess even in the face of theft, deceit, subversion and outright intent on someone bringing us down is nothing short of miraculous. I am not even referring to my former business partner either.

I got lots more to share but going to try and break it up so this already long post isn’t a wall of text. Bottom line is if you are reading this and having any struggles with this course or question its power, DON’T! This is the greatest course of its kind ever assembled and if you do the work you will absolutely succeed and get whatever you want. Just know that it can come differently that expected and be OK with that.

Until next time…………….