Master Key Week -11 thru 15??? – Take Three

Ok, I suck.

Well not really but I am not doing the program as instructed and I just need to be ok with it.

I really only feel a little bad because it is such a bad-ass system but I am going through a lot currently so I wish I could express more frequently in greater detail all the great stuff I am doing. Its been so long since I blogged I cannot remember exactly where things were at but the bottom line is I am knee deep in the middle of living what I began to manifest 2 years ago when I really did participate to the fullest.

Typical me to beat myself up over the things I do not do well but somehow neglect to recognize or give myself credit due for the things I am exceptional at. I have a lot to offer and I think that is where I dig at myself the most for not allowing myself to be ok with how I am utilizing the MKE. Which in itself is silly cause the whole point of the program is to live my authentic life. However as I type those words it is apparent that I feel the way I do because my subby knows I am not living my authentic life.

As an observer I realize that I am on a path to that authentic self and that there is work to be done, for myself and those I love around me.

I am so close o achieving several goals that I sometimes forget I am actually doing so incredibly well with the life I have been given and I know that as soon as a few more things are behind me the light is gonna come ripping through.

Kindness, this week has always been my favorite as a typical american man it has often been difficult to express my truest feelings for my fellow man but this week seems to allow me to set that aside and really show others around me, strangers or friends, that it doesn’t take much to make people feel loved, respected and appreciated by showing Kindness in many different ways.

Until next time…….


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