Master Key Weeks 8 & 9 – Take Three

Holy cow what a ride.

This is going to be shorter than most because I have so many irons in the fire it is a tad overwhelming. You may have gathered that by another 2 week blog since I cannot get my shit together, lol.

I am submitting documents to the WSLCB for the cannabis license and hopefully have collected enough information for them to ensure as easy of a transition as possible. I know I look great on paper and haven’t had any legal issues in almost 23 years. There is still a mountain of stuff to do with this though. Need logo completed, genetics acquired, pay rent and utilities that cannot even be used yet but there is probably another 6 weeks before I take ownership.

My partner and I in the construction company are nearly at total agreement for me buying him out which has been a lengthy project.

The property we were looking to purchase for the construction company has agreed to give us a 2 year lease with an option to buy after 1 year so that actually works out better for us with the buyout looming in the foreground but we need to be out before Christmas so another layer of pressure for certain as moving an entire office takes a lot of coordination.

My mom is currently in a shitty Adult foster care home but there is really no where else for her to go currently and I do not have any time to help her right now anyway.

We had to put our 16 year old dog down recently which was the last of our family pets and even though it was the right thing to to at the right time it is never easy to see a family member go.

We visited family in Mesa for Thanksgiving which was really nice but got to start planning for Christmas and my daughters 5th birthday on January 3rd.

Lots to be grateful for.

Until next time…….


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