Master Key Week 6 & 7 – Take Three

Ha ha,


Well good thing I am a lifetime member and not on a scholarship cause I wouldn’t still be here.

It is so funny that I know how good this program is that I still choose not to do certain aspects of it this time around. I say choose cause it is a choice but sometimes, there is just too much going on that it is easier to just unplug from the tasks even when I know what I should do I just don’t feel like it. However that is OK cause I am living by my authentic self and making things happen none the less.

These past 2 weeks have been an absolute roller coaster as far as making ground on purchasing my company from my partner. That has been the pressing thing other than purchasing the property for the company but have made the decision to let the loan diligence period expire instead of getting an extension. Trying to do both those things at once was feeling very forced and poor timing, especially when I am also 90% through buying the cannabis business. My wife left the company because she cannot stand my partner and that has created a void with the team that I just cannot fill so she must return but that comes only with the buyout, hence the ups and downs.

As I state often I am grateful for my problems and look forward to the adventure that is in front of me. The buyout will go well. We are moving locations back to Vancouver even though its not a purchase it is still a fresh start. I will pass my vetting process for the cannabusiness. I will continue to make healthy eating choices and exercise regularly. I will be able to travel often. I will get better a golf. I will have more free time to spend with my wife and daughter.

Taping into the universal mind and being able to visualize what we want is so important. Just as keeping out the negative thoughts with the mental diet. Knowing that we can obtain anything we want out of life can be so hard to comprehend or believe without experiencing it but that is what is so great about MKE. If you do everything as instructed you will understand how it all works and through practice you will be able to do/have/be anything you want. This is coming from someone who doesn’t even do everything as I should but because I did the first time around so this year as was the last is just constant reassurance because i am still accomplishing my DMP and finding more strength from within to keep moving forward until I accomplish all of my goals in life.

Do more sits, be more enthusiastic, give with love is where all the really powerful experiences will derive from. I love how challenging things are because it makes the rewards that much more wonderful and teaches us not to give up. Ever

Until next time……..


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