Master Key Week 3 & 4 – Take Three


Yes I am behind again but hopefully will be the last time until next time, lol. I know that excuses do not matter in this program but life has a way of distracting you from time to time that just cannot be avoided.

Over the last 2 weeks I have been inundated with the purchase of property that my company is so close to finalizing. We are adjusting to our in-laws moving out, which is ultimately a good thing for us all, but after 4 years of having someone around we could depend on to assist with Violet and or other needs, it has been a transition to say the least. My wife has put in her notice to quit the company because she cannot handle working with my business partner any longer which may or may not last as due to this fact he and I have begun discussing me buying him out. My soon to be other partner Zach and I are awaiting the LCB to call me to get the vetting process completed on the new cannabis business to which we have so much to work on but until the final go ahead from them there isn’t a whole lot we can do. Lastly but not least is that we had to put my 16 year old Dalmatian-pit mix down Thursday. We were blessed to have him as long as we did (14 years to the month) but it is never easy and he was the final family pet of four that we have lost over the past 5 years.

Whew…..that doesn’t even cover my Mother and her issues, other family stuff, day to day work operations with crazy customers and waiting on 100’s of 1000’s of payments to come in so we can take care of our bills. It really is amazing as to how much I am able to endure and balance.

The main reason that I can handle these and other things that come at me is due to the MKMMA program that I completed 2 years ago. As I said last post I am barely doing it this year but am super stoked about the people around me who are knee deep in it and finding a lot of excitement with everything.

By the end of this week I am hoping to have some more resolution to the things that I am working on so any positive vibes would be greatly appreciated. We also have 3 days of new software training that ultimately will be great for the company and the team members who will be using it regularly.

Anyway, eliminating all negative thought can be nearly impossible but with continued practice at least those things will not take you over.

Keep up with the emotion as well as the sits, everything stems from the sits.

Until next time……



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