Master Key Week 1 – Take Three

Well Hello again all,

This is the first week blog of my third year doing MKMMA. It has been quite a ride over the past two years and I must say I am definitely a different man than I was before I started this.

I am exceptionally pleased and excited this year as my wife is doing it for the first time as well as a good friend of mine and my personal trainer who both are going to gobble this up like seasoned professionals. So far my wife is doing well and enjoying the fruits of her labor and I know she will make profound and positive changes in her life which will not only benefit her but my daughter and myself as well.

It is an exciting time for me as there are many positive things on the horizon and I truly have this program and Mark and Davene et all to thank for the education and tools to do so. As usual I am behind on a few things, my blog included but I am not under a guide this time around so I am not held to the strict timelines the rest of you are.

I would like to share more but running out of time and will do so week 2. All I can stress is do it with ENTHUSIASM!!!

Until next time……


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