Master Key Week 5 – Take 3

I hope everyone out there is doing well. Week 5 for me the first time around was a big deal for me and I hope it is for all of you who are still participating in the MKE.

Lets get something straight before I regal you with more tales of wonder that this program has afforded me.

I haven’t done shit this year comparatively speaking. I haven’t made one live webinar yet, I haven’t reag OG daily as instructed, I haven’t read the Master keys and my sits with any regularity, I haven’t written down anything on my service card in 2 weeks, I do not say “Do it now” 25x twice a day, I haven’t made any adjustments to my DMP that I really need and want to. I really have failed miserably this time around thus far.

Guess what….it doesn’t matter cause today is a new day. Everyday is a new day. Each and every new day allows me the opportunity to do with it what I choose to do with it. So far this year I have chosen not to do those things or have allowed myself excuses as to why I didn’t get around to a part of it. Now that being said i have an incredible load on my shoulders and literally do not have enough time in the day to deal with all of it at times. I will not get into all the legitimate reasons I have to do the things that I have done but sometimes it just can be too much to really look at things objectively.

That being said what I learned the first time around is that this program WORKS. t is still working for me and even though I am not exactly where I want to be or doing what I want to be doing there are so many positives in my life that I am so damn grateful I think part of me is actually resistant to the idea of being able to attain all my dreams and goals. Its really rather odd especially knowing what I know but that god damned subby can really play tricks with you. Some of that concrete is just so thick and difficult to chip away. As you will all find out soon enough there is something I am pretending not to know and my calling is seemingly getting louder but I keep letting it get drowned out cause I am trying not to let someone get hurt. Problem is I am hurting myself in the process and my future self is going to be pissed if I do not do something soon.

I have done several great things for my new best friend and am on my 12th week of a physical transformation program that has completely changed how I look and feel. So much so that I could do another 12 weeks to actually get to where I would like to be now that I know I am able to do what I have done. My trainer, Stephana, who teaches her own style that she calls Yogilachi really resonates with me. I love the fact that each day I get up around 5am to work out from 530-630 and then I am done for the day. It was a colossal hurdle for me to overcome but now I enjoy it. Well not really ENJOY it but feel super accomplished so that I trick myself into believing that I love it, lol. Seriously though, after I have done it, I feel great. I have lost almost 30 lbs of fat and gained about 10 lbs of muscle and have room to do it again.

So as much as I haven’t done with MKE thus far I have done that. I have also started another business. One that was part of my original DMP which is super cool. It hasn’t taken off just yet but itis only a matter of time.

My wife and new business partner are both doing MKMMA for the first time and it is so awesome to be able to watch them progress that I relish in their journey as much if not more than mine this time around. I think I can hear a little Emerson in there somewhere.

I am a giver, always have been, always will be. No surprise then as to why I have been blessed with so much. Even when I am feeling incredibly overwhelmed and or frustrated about certain situations or circumstances it is easy for me to be grateful for my problems. Could always be worse no matter how bad you might think things are so for me its gotten lots easier of the years to learn how to appreciate everything I have. Especially the headaches as those are the times to really learn from and be able to help others out by sharing experiences or teaching those how to be more patient or forgiving. I love my life and know that I can even make it better, I just got to stop neglecting my future self and do what the man I intend to become make more decisions than the guy with all the concrete.

Until next time…….


Master Key Week 3 & 4 – Take Three


Yes I am behind again but hopefully will be the last time until next time, lol. I know that excuses do not matter in this program but life has a way of distracting you from time to time that just cannot be avoided.

Over the last 2 weeks I have been inundated with the purchase of property that my company is so close to finalizing. We are adjusting to our in-laws moving out, which is ultimately a good thing for us all, but after 4 years of having someone around we could depend on to assist with Violet and or other needs, it has been a transition to say the least. My wife has put in her notice to quit the company because she cannot handle working with my business partner any longer which may or may not last as due to this fact he and I have begun discussing me buying him out. My soon to be other partner Zach and I are awaiting the LCB to call me to get the vetting process completed on the new cannabis business to which we have so much to work on but until the final go ahead from them there isn’t a whole lot we can do. Lastly but not least is that we had to put my 16 year old Dalmatian-pit mix down Thursday. We were blessed to have him as long as we did (14 years to the month) but it is never easy and he was the final family pet of four that we have lost over the past 5 years.

Whew…..that doesn’t even cover my Mother and her issues, other family stuff, day to day work operations with crazy customers and waiting on 100’s of 1000’s of payments to come in so we can take care of our bills. It really is amazing as to how much I am able to endure and balance.

The main reason that I can handle these and other things that come at me is due to the MKMMA program that I completed 2 years ago. As I said last post I am barely doing it this year but am super stoked about the people around me who are knee deep in it and finding a lot of excitement with everything.

By the end of this week I am hoping to have some more resolution to the things that I am working on so any positive vibes would be greatly appreciated. We also have 3 days of new software training that ultimately will be great for the company and the team members who will be using it regularly.

Anyway, eliminating all negative thought can be nearly impossible but with continued practice at least those things will not take you over.

Keep up with the emotion as well as the sits, everything stems from the sits.

Until next time……


Master Key Week 2 – Take Three


There has been a lot of universal activities this week for everyone that I know that is participating in the MKMMA program. It is very exciting and also very scary as I am going to be stepping into the unknown. Since this is my 3rd time around I know what that means and how the heroes journey works but still isn’t EASY. I won’t go into any more about that but you will see later in the course unless you are already a Joseph Campbell fan.

I have not been performing the homework assignments as well as I should be, especially knowing what I know but there is a lot going on in my life currently that would be overwhelming to most. Nothing catastrophic but certainly difficult and challenging.

Mainly my primary business is going through a transition that will most likely result in me buying my partner out to save the company from his consistent problem creating decisions. He is a great salesman and net-worker but has no clue about management or actual business operations for the size that we have become. He makes everyone in the company work harder than they need to and is driving people away. The first (and worst) hit at this moment was my wife quiting because she can no longer put up with his insanity.  She was and has been a critical component to the growth and success we have experienced and although she thinks she is replaceable she absolutely is not. I love her and want her to be happy and less stressed so I am supporting her decision as it should make our home life more harmonious. My workload is going to double and I am going to suffer along with the company by her absence but if I can buy out my partner she will return. There are many other pieces to this portion but I cannot divulge too much until the right time as I do not want anything to get out to the wrong people at his time.

On a really good note, something that has been part of my DMP for the last two years is inching closer to reality. I am hopefully just a couple weeks away from finalizing a purchase of a producer/processing cannabis business which has been a passion of mine for many years. All contracts have been signed and paperwork submitted to the WLCB so it is just a matter of time before I get the call to go through the vetting process to which I am certain will not be any issues. My friend Zack who is also participating in the MKMMA is going to be my partner in this new venture and I am super excited to see where it will lead us.

I have also been doing a 12 week workout program for the last 10 weeks to which I have lost over 25lbs and feeling great. I am in need of new pants and that is pretty freaking cool. I was able to get my trainer, Stepahana, into the MKMMA program as well and that is another component to my support system.

There really is a lot of positive things happening currently beyond the seemingly negative swell around my partner and what that is going to look like while we transition. The company has become an extended family and it’s importance to me is only surpassed by my actual family which puts me in a position to make some tough decisions that will most likely result in losing a long term relationship with him but it is all his doing so there is no reason for me to feel guilty or scared. Everything happens for a reason and that reason is usually built upon what we think.

I got to get more consistent with my sits and my enthusiasm, all lifes answers are waiting there for each of us to discover.

Until next time…….



Master Key Week 1 – Take Three

Well Hello again all,

This is the first week blog of my third year doing MKMMA. It has been quite a ride over the past two years and I must say I am definitely a different man than I was before I started this.

I am exceptionally pleased and excited this year as my wife is doing it for the first time as well as a good friend of mine and my personal trainer who both are going to gobble this up like seasoned professionals. So far my wife is doing well and enjoying the fruits of her labor and I know she will make profound and positive changes in her life which will not only benefit her but my daughter and myself as well.

It is an exciting time for me as there are many positive things on the horizon and I truly have this program and Mark and Davene et all to thank for the education and tools to do so. As usual I am behind on a few things, my blog included but I am not under a guide this time around so I am not held to the strict timelines the rest of you are.

I would like to share more but running out of time and will do so week 2. All I can stress is do it with ENTHUSIASM!!!

Until next time……