Master Key Week 22 – Take Two

Damn…..I have fallen off the wagon in a few areas of my life (hence the last blog was a half hazzard week 19)  but am ready to get back on track. I have been pretty sub-par on a lot of the reads and sits the past couple weeks. Even though this is my second time around I am still coming up a little short on the commitments and the exercises. I didn’t do the silence thing this year mainly cause i missed the webinar that talked about it, boooooo me. However being a partner in an extremely busy construction company and a 4 year old daughter I don’t know if I could have done more than 24 hours anyway. Although as I am typing this I realize I could still do it next weekend if I make the proper arrangements.

Even though I haven’t given 100% of myself with ENTHUSIASM  yet again, the nearly year and a half journey since I was first introduced to the MKMMA program has created several, positive and profound changes in my life and for that I am really thankful and happy. I have an amazing daughter, my wife and I have been connecting well as of late, business is booming and we finally have a good team and some systems in place. Several components in my DMP have risen to the top but I have work to do as that old concrete can be challenging at times I know that I posses the tools to be able to continue to chip away, slowly but surely.

My health is good but have some weight to lose. A few moths back I found a trainer that fit my style wonderfully but she had to move locations due to a false lease that her landlord pulled on her. I went to see her at her house until our last visit a couple weeks ago cause it’s too much money without the other classes that she offered. I hope she gets a new spot cause I really like the type of work we were doing.

I am super blessed and grateful for each day I get. My old ways try to trick me into thinking that something bad must be around the corner but I do not give those thoughts any weight as I know how things really work.

Until next time………….