Master Key Week 12 – Take Two

Well as I said last post we had gotten into a small auto accident and it has just created some inconveniences more than anything else so perhaps the lesson is for me to keep trudging through. Persistence pays off and every time I do it, it pays off for me. Makes you wonder why the old subby can still hook its claws into me after this course.

One thing that I have promised to myself is to participate in an exercise program with a trainer 2x week for 4 months. The class is called Yogilachi and it is like Yoga/tai-chi/pilates holistic mix. The gal who started it has a lot of the Master Keys and OG in her teachings so it is very in tune with MKMMA and helps me associate things better in a physical representation.

Still having some struggles doing the sits and reading things with unbridled enthusiasm but I am going to maintain persistence.

Law of growth is constantly showing itself with many things in my life. I am so grateful for this experience and the knowledge I have gained over the past 2 years. I can be what I will to be.

Until next time…..


Master Key Week 11 – Take Two

Well sometimes things happen that are outside of our control. This week was derailed slightly by an auto accident that my wife and I were in on Friday. It seemed pretty small and insignificant but the damage was pretty massive. Neither of us got really hurt but definitely some whiplash. We hit 2 parked Fed Ex trucks due to some black ice on the road. None the less i didn’t write this then so this is a post date explanation.

I believe that everything happens for a reason (actually I know because of the course it’s because of what we think) but struggling to understand what the reason for this is but I am sure it will present itself during a sit.

Keeping this one short to get to next one.

Until next time……

Master Key Week 10 – Take Two

Week 10 is the most challenging to me when it comes to the exercise. I just have tremendous difficulty seeing a single line let alone the cone, hard to change colors when you cannot even see the thing your trying to manipulate. Then we get the persistence scroll so it becomes a duel, lol.

The mental diet is actually getting easier week by week as is the no opinions. Both are deep seeded concrete but after last year and revisiting it this year it is certainly becoming more manageable.

I am doing a better job linking things this time around but still struggle with the emotional part. I have so many things to be grateful for but I really want to be doing something different at times. Most everything is better with the business than this time last year but my partner is going through some very challenging times and he displaces anger to the wrong people over the wrong subject matter. I do not know how much longer I can put up with his insanity but I love and and care about him a great deal but it is like beating my head against the wall at times. I just have to keep reminding myself the same thing I tell my wife which is if I changed what I do not like about him then he wouldn’t be as good as he is. i wish I could do more to help him out but he is on his own journey ass we all are.

I started a new program at an awesome place called Yogilachi which is like yoga, pilates and tai-chi wrapped into one. Its a very holistic program and the instructor understands me and my goals. She is familiar with a lot of our work in this course which makes her another ally in my play.

Life always seems to go up and down and I just need to keep my thoughts in check.

Until next time…..