Master Key Week 7 – Take Two

This week was pretty good for me other than falling behind on the assignments. Again  given that this is the second time around I already have my Movie poster, my shapes, my music (still need to redo my press release though) so I haven’t been as diligent with all the daily exercises and I have missed more webinars already than I did all of last year due to travel and other obligations but the message of the program is not lost on me,  in fact it really blows me away each week as I get to reaffirm the way things really are.

I still get lost in some daily struggles that are challenging but generally speaking I am in a good spot. I have added another support member to my team to help me get over the hump of my physical limitations as the one thing I have the most issues with is my weight and flexibility but that has already begun to change. The instructor is like no one I have ever met in that industry and she is familiar with the masterkeys and wattles so she is helping me utilize what I learned with MKMMA last year with a different way to think and manage health. I am looking forward to the next few months.

Well this is lame of me but I will be going now.  Not sure if anyone is reading these anymore but if you are I apologize for this year for being a little weak so far but if it’s any consolation it should show that this program works cause I am in such a better mental and emotional space than I ever was before.

Until next time…..


One thought on “Master Key Week 7 – Take Two

  1. How amazing that you have attracted a person that not only can help you on the physical level, but connect it to the MKE.. wow!
    That truly shows that it works..
    I know what you are talking about, feeling behind now 2nd time around.
    And I find it really interesting, because I was really looking forward to be digging even deeper this year, and instead, just thinking oh I did that so….
    But no more.. why only do things half hearted?
    Go for it – I will be looking forward to next week where you are saying NOW I’m all in again 🙂


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