Master Key Week 1 – Take Two

Well this is going to be my second run at MKMMA. For those of you wondering why I would be taking this class again if it was worth taking in the first place. Well let me say unequivocally, absolutely!

This class may seem a little overwhelming at first but that is because of the concrete. I can promise you that after some consistent commitment the time Factor becomes irrelevant and the changes will come.

Like many things that can start off with a bang,  often fizzle out at the end and over last year’s course I would give myself a B+. It was an incredible experience and I learned a lot not only about myself but about how the mind works as well as other truths of success.

There were a few things that I struggled with last year that I would like to improve upon and for me most difficult was making time for the Sit and finding the unbridled enthusiasm  which I believe are the most important aspect of this entire program so I’m anxious to sit with greater consistency and perform my reads with more enthusiasm this year.

Whatever your reason for taking this course just know that everything can be achieved. I can attest that if you do everything the way it is presented it will be impossible to not have improvements in your life. Just like anything in life, you have to do the work it’s not going to fall in your lap.

Do it all and buckle up, it’s a scary,  exciting, glorious ride,  that will take you wherever you want.

Until next time…….


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