Master Key Week 5 – Take Two

Week 5 is where some things really start taking shape for me. I am still working on fine tuning my press release cause last year I feel that I did my press release half ass’ed. Meaning that I feel like I started ok with it but then went in a direction that did not truly resonate with my heart and was more of a “what would sound good” to read, not FEEL how it would be in real life. In all honesty I am still trying to decide what exactly I want my life to be like in the future but the exercise this week is nice to do cause its not too difficult to imagine the place that makes me feel good and that is not a bad place to start working towards.

Learning how to think is actually more difficult than one would imagine, its so easy to be influenced by others around us, especially all the media bombardment, which is hyped up due to the presidential race (talk about a shit show) doesn’t matter who you think is better than the other as the bottom line is it is outside of our control. So you might as well not even worry about it and learn to think for yourself and make daily decisions that will promote your PPN’s and DMP. if you do that then the outside world will not seem so important.

Ha, giving my opinion. Boy that was super challenging last year but this year is a bit easier. Honestly a way to think about it for me is that I got plenty to work on myself and if I focus on those things, I won’t have anytime to worry about how I think other people should be living their lives. One line from my DMP is “I accept those who choose to live a different life than mine and I love them”. I feel that is the prime principle of the practice of giving no opinions unless your asked. I got all the answers, just not for myself, lol, so its time to turn inwards.

We are going to be picking up steam soon so hang on and enjoy the ride.

Until next time……


Master Key Week 4- Take Two

“I” know what “I” am.  This week resonated with me more than the others as it is no surprise to me but I love the explanation of how everything is connected and what that truly means. I had such an incredibly stressful week but because I am relearning how to think my ability to change how I feel has made an incredible difference in how I dealt with the stress. Truly remarkable to me.

I had a session with my therapist Wednesday and she helped reaffirm my PPN’s as I have been struggling deciding what truly makes me feel peace and joy. It seems clearer now. I’m doing better with emotion and with consistency this week than anytime last year so that feels really good.

This program is absolutely amazing….. AND IT’S JUST BEGINNING!

Until next time……


Master Key Week 3 – Take Two

Dawn,  forgot to hit publish earlier…..

Well week 3 was pretty good for me and picking up some steam.  I read the masterkey and did my sit 6/7 days this week. Worked on tweaking my dmp and getting more emotional in my reads,  I see how much Mark and Davene stressing that a lot more this year than they did last and it was my biggest failure so for those who are just doing this for the first time take heed on that part because it was definitely something I missed out on last year.

Forming habits and changing how and what we think about is what I’m focused on this week. My work is very stressful and sometimes involves large sums of money (well to me anyway) but it doesn’t always come on time and when you have 42 employees it is quite stressful but instead of freaking out I change the way I think about it and that it always seems to work out in the end.

I am very appreciative for everything thing I have,  including my problems. Things in my life are great 90 percent of the time but even the other 10 is better than it could be. Partly due to this course last year.  The MKMMA program is incredibly powerful and I only did it at about 80 percent of the potential. The pay it forward scholarship is truly a wonderful gift.  Give more get more.

Until next time……

Master Key Week 2 – Take Two

Well this is certainly late but today I begin a new life right? It absolutely is a different experience the second time around, and it didn’t help that I missed the last 2 webinars live due to golf tournaments that fell on Sundays instead of the normal Saturday runs but I suppose that is what the replays are for.

Some things lose zeal the second time around but somethings are enhanced though I expect the enhancement part to come later in the course since most of the first timers are still working on their DMP’s and mine is good to go (only a few minor tweaks from last year).

The biggest lesson that I can say from week 2 is two-fold. One, which will carry the same weight throughout this course is ENTHUSIASM, which is still a struggle for me and two, the fact that our objective mind needs to guard our subjective mind. It is and always has been too easy (even after completing the course) to allow improper thoughts to make it through the “Watchman at the gate”. I got good practice and actually did my sit 5/7 days last week which is a marked improvement from last year and can tell you that persistent continuous action is the key to success in this course, and most other things in life.

This is the greatest self discovery course in the world, and if you do every exercise, with passion, your life will improve in all areas whether intentional ones or not.

Until next time……

Master Key Week 1 – Take Two

Well this is going to be my second run at MKMMA. For those of you wondering why I would be taking this class again if it was worth taking in the first place. Well let me say unequivocally, absolutely!

This class may seem a little overwhelming at first but that is because of the concrete. I can promise you that after some consistent commitment the time Factor becomes irrelevant and the changes will come.

Like many things that can start off with a bang,  often fizzle out at the end and over last year’s course I would give myself a B+. It was an incredible experience and I learned a lot not only about myself but about how the mind works as well as other truths of success.

There were a few things that I struggled with last year that I would like to improve upon and for me most difficult was making time for the Sit and finding the unbridled enthusiasm  which I believe are the most important aspect of this entire program so I’m anxious to sit with greater consistency and perform my reads with more enthusiasm this year.

Whatever your reason for taking this course just know that everything can be achieved. I can attest that if you do everything the way it is presented it will be impossible to not have improvements in your life. Just like anything in life, you have to do the work it’s not going to fall in your lap.

Do it all and buckle up, it’s a scary,  exciting, glorious ride,  that will take you wherever you want.

Until next time…….