Master Key Week 24

I know I am one of those people that get really close to completing something then fizzle out just at the end. I have always been a good 95%’er but even though that is the case what I have been able to achieve from this class has been remarkable. I have seen it all the way through though, and for that I alone I give myself permission to feel good about it.

Because of the way it came to me, I had presumed in the beginning, that I would experience some incredible life changing manifestation, almost expecting to win the lottery sort of thing. As I have progressed though it became apparent that chipping away 42 years of concrete and old blueprint that it is unrealistic that 6 months would “fix” me. That being said, I am in fact a changed man, and expect the new subby to continue to change. I am much calmer and more balanced in my way of thinking. I am proud of the small accomplishments I have made and look forward to continuing the journey to make the life I want to have.

Now that we are completing this chapter of our path I know that if I apply what I have already known with what MKMMA taught me the possibilities are limitless and really do possess a magic lamp. I want to do my part to make the world a better place for my daughter and her generation and I do believe that this program is a catalyst for real change.

I am grateful, excited, joyful, optimistic, proud, loving and have more of a sense of peace now more than I ever had in the past. I am so very thankful for this experience and how it has helped me and I know if I can heed the call of my hero I will be utilizing this and sharing it with anyone who is interested in the trans-formative process to improve all aspects of life.

Thank you to everyone who created it and continuing to improve it by participating and sharing. I feel I would make an incredible guide but the timing is not quite right to do so this year and I feel I will probably take the class again in September to fine tune myself before I can truly give time to others.

I didn’t love every second but do love where it has brought me! To anyone who wonders if this is for them all I have to say is YES if you are willing to put in the work, there is nothing better you could do to live a better life for yourself and all your loved ones.

Until next time……..DO IT NOW!!! YOU CAN BE WHAT YOU WILL TO BE!!!


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