Master Key Week 23

Well I am late this week for the first time but that is because I was in the Dominican Republic for winning a business trip from our main supplier (Thanks James Hardie Building Products :)). It was a great week of golf, beach coming , eating, walking, partying with good people. Each way was 10 hours of flying and we got in last night about midnight and i had to work today so its been pretty cramped so i am pretty tired, lol.

Needles to say I am behind. More behind than ever. I was subpar everyday only reading OG once or twice a day, the master keys twice in the week but I did flash some cards and added a few but certainly I was focused on my wife and my overindulgence, lol, at least I walked about 37 miles according to my fitbit though so I broke even in that department.

I did not do the silence thing yet as there hasn’t been a 24 hour stretch in the past 10 days where I could but i am planning it this weekend. I also missed the webinar last week so I am going to try and catch it tomorrow (I am hoping I can find time tonight to to listen to the wattles cause the internet in DR was pretty spotty, haha. Nonetheless I will regain my steam and double my efforts to get caught back up by Sunday.

pretty un-inspirational post I know but  I am going to try and get some stuff done.

Until next time…….


3 thoughts on “Master Key Week 23

  1. Perhaps it was not inspirational, but it wasn’t whiny either. Just an open assessment of what has gone on. You will love the tone of the speakers on Sunday’s webinar, as they were all about keep on, finish strong don’t look back just move forward. One last thought, people who are so competent that they win trips to the DR don’t have to apologize to anyone anyhow!


  2. Kris, you are doing fine my friend, I know this because of your persistence to get your post done for the week even though you were tired from the trip. Don’t beat yourself up over the things you didn’t do, praise yourself for the things you did do! Proud of you bro!


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