Master Key Week 24

I know I am one of those people that get really close to completing something then fizzle out just at the end. I have always been a good 95%’er but even though that is the case what I have been able to achieve from this class has been remarkable. I have seen it all the way through though, and for that I alone I give myself permission to feel good about it.

Because of the way it came to me, I had presumed in the beginning, that I would experience some incredible life changing manifestation, almost expecting to win the lottery sort of thing. As I have progressed though it became apparent that chipping away 42 years of concrete and old blueprint that it is unrealistic that 6 months would “fix” me. That being said, I am in fact a changed man, and expect the new subby to continue to change. I am much calmer and more balanced in my way of thinking. I am proud of the small accomplishments I have made and look forward to continuing the journey to make the life I want to have.

Now that we are completing this chapter of our path I know that if I apply what I have already known with what MKMMA taught me the possibilities are limitless and really do possess a magic lamp. I want to do my part to make the world a better place for my daughter and her generation and I do believe that this program is a catalyst for real change.

I am grateful, excited, joyful, optimistic, proud, loving and have more of a sense of peace now more than I ever had in the past. I am so very thankful for this experience and how it has helped me and I know if I can heed the call of my hero I will be utilizing this and sharing it with anyone who is interested in the trans-formative process to improve all aspects of life.

Thank you to everyone who created it and continuing to improve it by participating and sharing. I feel I would make an incredible guide but the timing is not quite right to do so this year and I feel I will probably take the class again in September to fine tune myself before I can truly give time to others.

I didn’t love every second but do love where it has brought me! To anyone who wonders if this is for them all I have to say is YES if you are willing to put in the work, there is nothing better you could do to live a better life for yourself and all your loved ones.

Until next time……..DO IT NOW!!! YOU CAN BE WHAT YOU WILL TO BE!!!


Master Key Week 23

Well I am late this week for the first time but that is because I was in the Dominican Republic for winning a business trip from our main supplier (Thanks James Hardie Building Products :)). It was a great week of golf, beach coming , eating, walking, partying with good people. Each way was 10 hours of flying and we got in last night about midnight and i had to work today so its been pretty cramped so i am pretty tired, lol.

Needles to say I am behind. More behind than ever. I was subpar everyday only reading OG once or twice a day, the master keys twice in the week but I did flash some cards and added a few but certainly I was focused on my wife and my overindulgence, lol, at least I walked about 37 miles according to my fitbit though so I broke even in that department.

I did not do the silence thing yet as there hasn’t been a 24 hour stretch in the past 10 days where I could but i am planning it this weekend. I also missed the webinar last week so I am going to try and catch it tomorrow (I am hoping I can find time tonight to to listen to the wattles cause the internet in DR was pretty spotty, haha. Nonetheless I will regain my steam and double my efforts to get caught back up by Sunday.

pretty un-inspirational post I know but  I am going to try and get some stuff done.

Until next time…….

Master Key Week 22

I can’t believe how close we are to finishing this course. Its been a great journey most of the time and even when I was struggling or not feeling it completely the addition to training my subby was still working.

I have definitely chipped a lot of cement off but obviously still have more, 42 years can’t be cured in 22 weeks but I thought when I started that I would experience dramatic life changes for the better and that hasn’t yet happened. I realize now that after what we have gone through I could have given a little better effort but  that the changes are still very positive. I had it pretty good to begin with, rather I should say I probably had it better off financially than most people in the course but I didn’t join to make more money. Joy and good health are my treasures and they haven’t been earthshaking improvements but both areas have evolved none the less.  

I got another exciting week coming up as my wife and I are going to the Dominican Republic for 8 days just the 2 of us. My company sold so much Hardie Plank siding last year that we are being sent by them to an all inclusive golf resort. We ended up being 3rd in the nation so I suppose its deserved. Only 40 people are attending so its going to be pretty spectacular. Funny how part of my DMP is that “We will vacation and travel often each year” and this will be my second trip already in 2016. I got 2 other things planned later and because of that I do not know if I can yet make Kauai work.

Needless to say its going to be hard to find the time to be silent more than a few hours. I really wanted to do the 48 hrs but my wife ain’t gonna go for that on vacation and this week has been “pre-Vacation” week which most people know means more than normal work load so this weekend I will be hanging with our 3 year old little girl which is not silent, lol but I know I am going to miss her terribly mid week next week. So we’ll see what happens.

Until next time……..