Master Key Week 21

Master Key Week 21

Lasts weeks webinar didn’t quite mesh like most of the ones in the past. I have felt somewhat distant from myself this week and not quite sure why. I have had a few good sits, and keep most of my habits up. As I type this however I feel the inclination of my time left and for me it was “How many Springs do I have left” so now that Spring is upon us I feel a little overwhelmed.

Then as that comes out I remember I can control how I feel about things and I am more relaxed so I know I have gained a lot of self control over the past few months. Yet again I am still very much imperfect and then feel bad cause I could be doing more, working harder, giving more, and beat myself up a little bit.

It seems as I have not yet been able to break myself of certain cyclical actions yet being aware as it unfolds seems to be a benefit for sure. Perhaps I am still recovering from the Florida trip and all the psychological implications of that trip. I am also a little anxious about an upcoming vacation to the Dominican republic in 8 days. Yes it will be nice but I still do not love to fly and I really do not like thinking about being away from my daughter for that long.

Man I am grateful for each and every one of my problems and that is TRUTH.

Until next time…..


Master Key Week 20

Cheers everyone. Been an interesting week for me. I found myself highly agitated and irritable for a few days and had difficulties shaking it off. Not sure if it was old blueprint or something else but it did not feel good.My brother in law (who lives with us) has been really sick in the hospital for several days and just got home so maybe I am feeling empathetic for him.

Week 20 is a crazy thought for me. I wish they would have started the “movement” part of program early on I would be in great shape by now, lol. Regardless I am so grateful for how I feel most of the time. Still having trouble doing everything but the effects are positive none the less.

I still have a lot of work to do, and already see myself doing the course again next year (perhaps be a guide as well) but knowing that we all are connected on so many levels really makes me more forgiving and relaxed around all the poor dipshits out there. Sadly most just don’t know any better but unless some sort of miracle is in front of them or a television show tells them what to do they are mindless sheep.

I am grateful to be even more awake about ow things work than what I used to think. Do this work and good things will come. Its impossible not to. Short  blurb for me tonight but the message is “live this day as if it is your last”

Until next time……..

Master Key Week 19

This thing is pretty bad ass. I may not be where some others are but where I am and what I have attained in the last 5 months is just fantastic. I am so calm and when I get maxed and lose my calm, it returns within hours if not minutes. I can let go and forgive easier than before and I am generally much happier. Even when I am not thinking about something in particular I catch myself smirking ever so slightly.

Fear is much less common in my day to day life. Worry too. I don’t quite think I am “Magic Lamp” ready but I get it. I don’t yet feel the calling but I do feel a nudge. I got a pretty good thing going that is going to get me where I need to be……haha, funny I just realized I was moving the goal post. Let me say differently is that what I am doing is not my dream, but I see it as a tool to achieve my dream because I am able to change my thoughts and how I feel about it.

Regardless I have experienced specifically 2 huge things in the past 7 weeks by placing them as a goal, focusing, with loving intention, persistently because I am worth it and do not want any regrets later in life. To put in a nutshell, I saved my Mom’s life by getting her into a women shelter In WA and met my biological father in Florida for the first time in my life. Not to mention all the other aspects of living my life during that time.

The fact that I was able to accomplish what I did as well as how the universe unfolded to make them happen is PROOF to me (which I already had) that this program is for real and am mad at myself I haven’t been doing an A+ every step cause I can’t imagine how good that would feel if I feel this way 🙂

What would the person I intend to become do next has made a hefty impact, specifically being timed with living this day as it is my last. Super powerful stuff.

Until next time…….

Master Key Week 18

Worst week regarding slipping on assignments since I started this program but feel as my excuse is reasonable but still I could have done better. I have failed miserably at a few things this past 11 days but done well at others. I missed last Sundays  webinar (first one) and have only read the master key twice, did 2 sits, only added a few gratitude cards/positive feeling cards and haven’t paid my scholarship yet (debit card is back home) . I did flash my cards I had with me, read og, law of giving,  guy in glass, exercised.

If you read my last post you would know what was on my agenda. My wife and daughter came to Orlando Florida with me last week for a business trip that we extended 3 days for Disney world activities (funner than I expected),  had an amazing golf experience on Sunday (why I missed the webinar) Monday and Tuesday was packed with work and socializing, then the massive Disney overload Wed thru today but the biggest aspect of this entire trip was meeting my biological father for the first time. 

It was surprisingly easy after all these years and it was a good connection. It didn’t last very long cause I had to drive 150 miles to make it happen but even tho it was only 2 hours I got a lot of info I was looking for but more importantly I got contact info for my 2 brothers that I didn’t know existed previously and our interaction was such that we plan on making another visit this summer for a longer, planned time.

I wouldn’t have been able to deal with the last 6 weeks of my life so calmly and effectively without all the benefits of the MKMMA experience.

We head home tomorrow and will be back to normalcy so will either add to this or expand further next week.


Until next time…….