Master Key Week 17

I give myself permission to pat myself on the back for doing a good job even though I have missed things here and there. The obvious changes I am experiencing only confirms that I need to be kinder to myself cause things are a’changin for the better. Maybe not as fast as they could if I did a little more but it’s noticeable to myself and others which is pretty cool.

Some things going on for me this upcoming weeks are going to require a strong effort on my part to get through some of it. Next Friday I am flying to Orlando from Portland, OR. (I don’t love flying but better than I used to be) for a half business trip half mini vacation. Sunday-Tuesday is the Summit which means I am going to miss my first Webinar that Sunday and that makes me sad. I will get to golf somewhere spectacular that day though so I think I will be ok, haha. Anyway my wife and 3 year old daughter are joining me cause the likely hood of going to FLA again is slim to none and we are literally staying at Disney World Hotel so my girls and I will have a blast for a couple days.

I also have good friends that live 45 mins away from there and they are going to come watch my daughter for an evening so the wife and i will get a night on the town. Kindness all over the place. I will also get to golf with said friend (2 times in 1 week, whoo hoo!!)

All this is great and easy. The part that is going to be hard is that my biological father who was 16 when I was born supposedly lives a couple hours from where I will be staying and I have never met him. I have put off trying for my entire life except once when i was 19 but it didn’t work out. I have done some Internet searches to know avail regarding contact information but I think I found a cousin on Facebook the other day but he hasn’t reached back out.

It’s funny, how I went so long without caring, but that the moment last week that I wanted it to happen I have been almost obsessive. My subby has taken over on this attempted mission so quickly because of MKMMA. I trust that somehow it is going to work out but if it doesn’t it won’t be due to lack of effort on my part and I will be able to live with myself. I can’t force him to do anything, I can only control myself and my thoughts.

Until next time……


Master Key Week 16

Kindness…….Easier than self control I can say with certainty. Some things in this course are very difficult. This is not. Well Its not hard to be kind, but it is hard to do something extra special without getting caught. I like the fact of trying to see it in others and in our surroundings cause the law of growth is a fact. I also like the idea of going out of our way to do something for someone else. Having it be a group thing on the alliance page really is a great idea. Its liken to a rising tide where the more that participate the more that want to participate. Very cool.

I had an experience last week that came after my last post so I will share it here. In a nut shell I had a microcosm effect of the MKMMA process all happen in less than a 2 week span.

My mother and I do not have a good relationship because she is bi-polar and just impossible to deal with when she is up. She also abused drugs and alcohol to self medicate and with my 3 year old daughter being my top priority I simply can not have that chaos in my life. We didn’t speak for almost a year and didn’t see each other for two. I love and care about her but I have set rules and boundaries to which she must follow to be in my life.

Well 3 weeks ago she contacted me and said she was going to be homeless because where she was staying was up for sale and she didn’t have any place to go. I promised I would help her get into a place so she wouldn’t freeze to death but that she has to do all the work to keep it. I put her into a motel on December 30th while I was looking for rooms on craigslist for temporary stay cause all the shelters were full. We went and looked at a couple options but wasn’t ideal. On Tuesday the 5th of January I was sitting on my CPU at my office when I hit refresh on the website and low and behold an add popped up for a faith based women’s housing where a room just became available. I called immediately, answered a few questions and set up an appointment to meet on Friday the 8th. After a few minutes they asked if she wanted to move in that night! She has virtually no possessions so I went to buy her groceries while she was shown the room.

Definite purpose, love, persistence, Idealization, visualization, manifestation all in under 2 weeks got my mom off the street and in an environment built to assist and succeed.

I have experienced this sort of thing before but the fact of how it came to be this time only reiterates this whole process. Gratitude pours from every pore.

Until Next time…