Master Key Week 14

Holy Hell, tomorrow is 2016. How did that happen? I remember standing on a pool table at a night club listening to Prince “Party like its 1999” as the ball dropped that year and it feels like that was 2-3 years ago. We still don’t have any flying cars, food hydrators or half of the other cool stuff Back to the Future 2 suggested we would, lol.

Since we cannot slow time,or live to be 1000 years old, I suppose the next best thing is getting everything out of the time we have left. Lucky for us we have the MKMMA program to help us do just that.

I am excited to start the next scroll tomorrow and to see the webinar on Sunday and kick off a new year with my new perspective.

This process thus far has been up and down for me. Some things I have nailed so perfectly and others (mainly the sit) I just can’t seem to make happen everyday. It sucks cause I know that is probably the single most important part of it but I already feel I have gotten a lot of knowledge from the applications I have put into practice and more importantly for me, the reinforcement of what my belief system already knows.

I know some people embarked on this journey cause they wanted to turn their whole lives around, most I suspect just want a little more out of life like I did but the funny thing is that my life is pretty fucking amazing and I am so grateful for everything I have and even the things I don’t have. If I never achieved anything more, I would be thankful for where I am at.

I will achieve much more though because I am going to continue my commitment to this program and my new best friend, the future me. Not so much for personal gain, but to be the best me possible so I can help others become better as well.

Happy New Year……Be safe


Until Next time……



Master Key Week 13

Merry Christmas Everybody,

Well some of it is time but some of it is this program but I no longer hate the holidays. I mean I still do not love them but having a 3 year old little girl makes them more fun. We got her a giant castle and a kitchen to use her imagination and it sure brought joy to my heart to see her see them for the first time. This program has helped me look at the world with a little bit more love and that has been a blessing.

This week was good, and the best part of the season, because I love to give. I especially love to give to those who do not expect it. Witnessing the legitimate surprise and appreciation that comes over ones face is really one of my greatest pleasures in life. Now all I need to do is give more to my future self. How great will it be to look at myself in the mirror in the future and see that appreciation for what my current self did for him. Pretty cool to think about and makes one wonder about all the possibilities.

I cannot believe that next week will be 2016. I still remember standing on a pool table at a downtown night club spraying champagne on the crowd listening to Prince party like it’s 1999. Its amazing how clearly we can remember certain things and now I walk into a room and forget what I am doing, lol. The mind is truly a wondrous mechanism.

I am continuously excited to see where the program is going to take me and trust that its happening exactly the way it is supposed to. With all the challenges I face on a daily and weekly basis one thing I know for sure as I am reminded often is that I am GRATEFUL for MY PROBLEMS as there are others out there that make them seem insignificant and I am so THANKFUL for all that I get to experience, even the tough stuff.

Until next time……


Master Key Week 12

Persistence pays off.

Whether it be reading OG, Master keys, Blue Print Builder, DMP, listening to yourself through song, the 4 promises, Emerson, Guy in the Glass, Do it Now, I can be what I will to be, the shapes, mental diet, movie poster, press release, masterminding, the index cards, all of it. Keep working, keep moving, keep trying, keep positive no matter how hard it gets, you will eventually break through and get what you want.

This week truly has been a reminder of my own travels and success. I would not be here if i had quit at any point along the way. I knew at 19 yrs old that there was no turning back and that even if i needed to return to the nest it wasn’t there. Many trials and tribulations yet I kept plowing through. Most often unaware of the path or wake but that didn’t matter, all I knew is I wanted more for myself . It took a long time to understand the process and here I am, better a man, a father, a husband, a son for it.

This course has taught me many things but it mostly reminded me that I have been heading in the right direction from the beginning and even though I had gotten off the path many times i ultimately see myself in a wide open road going right where I want to go.

For the first time in almost 2 months i got the smirk back I saw early on. The old ways hang on tight, and even disguise themselves as to not be dismissed too easily.

I am chipping away the stone piece by piece, and see the new year brighter than I thought I would ever would before. I cant wait to experience whats to come cause I know its going to be challenging yet wonderful.

Until next time………..


Master Key Week 11

Well I am still here, and I think its going to stick. I have believed in the program but since week 5 it feels more difficult until today. I had an extremely difficult experience turn out to be very positive one this week. However, it is extremely frustrating to maintain the 7 day mental diet when you are waiting for 3/4 of a million dollars in receivables and everyone has a different excuse as to why you haven’t gotten paid yet :(.

Yet somehow, the universe continues to unfold the way it is supposed to, once we understand we have the power to manifest whatever we  desire this experience is really a book waiting to be written.

Even when it seems impossible the persistent positive attitude can overcome the harshest of worries. I am so blessed and cant wait to see whats coming next.

Until next time….

Master Key Week 10

Goodness gracious this is hard sometimes, lol.

I want my new reality and know that emotionless tasks to isn’t going to get it but I still have challenges with the mental diet and the sits specifically. I love my DMP, I love it set to music, I love my movie poster, I love my press release, I love the guy in the glass, I love the webinars, I do not mind the reads and find they are encouraging. The shapes are all over my house and in my bookmark, I am all over my service card and POA. I just  can’t seem to get EMOTIONAL except occasionally so I am afraid I am not inducing enough pep-tides to counter my old blueprint.

I am certainly more balanced and my self assessment score went from a 49 to a 32 which is really cool. My blood pressure is down, I am calmer and sleeping better, I have more patience, I am more loving and I am overall happier so something is clearly working. Not that I need to be convinced or even see more dramatic results but I guess what I am really wanting is that smirk I had back in week 5. The joy and bliss isn’t as prominent as I wished it was.

I suppose however that 10 weeks of a super awesome program is not enough to change a 42 year old blue print is liken to an hour of positive thinking and action versus 12 hours of negative thinking. Maybe I just need more practice and work.

What I love about this program and blogging is it helps me to see the other perspective of myself as an observer and I find realizations on my own as I am participating. Often I find my own answers which affirms the world from within is really where it is at.

I am so grateful for this opportunity. Thanks Mark, Fab D, and Trish for putting this together and thanks to the guides, experts, and other students who are helping others mastermind.

Until next time……