Master Key Week 9

Well Some things get easier with time but not the mental diet, lol. I have tried several times and cant quite get more than a couple days before I break. I will keep trying cause I understand the process but damn, there is so much stress in my life at times. Had a lovely Thanksgiving but still feeling the lingering effects of too much food and alcohol.

I got my recording done and do listen to it everyday but I have some tweaks I want to make then I will probably do the same with the BPB and other affirmations. Music certainly adds to the feeling for me.

Part of me is excited to have Sunday off from the webinar but I get so much good energy from them I feel like I will be a little sad that we won’t have it.

I am pretty clouded today so I might be back to add more, if not then, Health, Wealth and Love is what I wish for us all. Be safe and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Until next time…..


Mastery Key Week 8

I have never written a blog for a week this early before, perhaps too early as the next 2 days may alter my perception but I am feeling better right now than I have in almost 2 weeks. Its been a struggle as of late. The mental diet lasted 1 day then not more than 20 mins for the last 10 days, still haven’t completed my recording (although I have worked diligently towards it), the conversation with a friend and the battleship both felt like failures each sit, got in a fight with my wife yesterday after receiving less than stellar news about some blood work ….ugh, today I begin a new life though right?

However after a visit with my counselor today I was able to observe myself talking to her while i was realizing most of yesterday specifically, was my old blueprint disguising itself as my new self. As I was saying the words my spirit “I” was like, “Really, you don’t see this?” It was great cause just a simple perspective change by her it was immediately  apparent what I was doing. In addition to that I was able to MasterMind with my friend Jason who is the one that introduced me to MKMMA and it always makes me feel good to spend time and talk with him even  though I barely know him. We are kindred spirits no doubt but we have spent less than 10 hours together (in this life anyway) yet I love him and his insight, and it brings me joy cause I know he feels the same way about me. Truly blessed to have crossed paths with him and hope we get to spend lots of time together in the future.

After these 2 wonderful encounters I came home to my wife and told her I was sorry and that it was my old self being defensive and petty yesterday and that what she was expressing had meaning and value and that I would do better to be aware when she needs me to be. Today I am a new man and I greet this day with love in my heart. We hugged for a whole minute or more and it felt good.

I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you!

As we get tested we must persevere no matter what. If we write it down we do it, even if the heavens fall!

Until next time…….


Master Key Week 7

I have friends from Florida I haven’t seen in 14 years and we have been non stop talking for 2 days. They are leaving tomorrow. I will be back..

OK, My friends left a little while ago and I am just wrapping up the webinar. One thing that was very apparent on their visit was that I have held such a clear mental picture of them over all the years that it felt as though we had just seen them a couple months ago. Truly a reminder of what this past week was about. The power of visualization is remarkable. It was like we hadn’t missed a beat.

I still have trouble making all the sits, and I have missed a few things that I just realized today. I had no idea we were supposed to highlight things on Wednesday, never have. I also didn’t get the point that I was suppose to visit 5 different blogs a week as well. But I don’t have many comments from others so I do not feel to bad cause that means I am not the only one. The biggest thing that is becoming more obvious that I am missing is the “unbridled enthusiasm”, not sure why  but its hard to have it while I read. I get excited more than I used to but I do not think I am as much as I should be. Then again, it’s OK if I have a different journey than others, that’s the point I spose.

Overall I am very proud of myself for the commitment I have made and am sticking to. I do understand the compounding effects and as to what Jason said today its great to make minor, seemingly insignificant changes cause the little things turn into BIG things.

I am very happy with my movie poster and my DMP, I have stuck with my service card promises and I have read the GS all but once in 3 weeks. I still have not recorded over music yet as I am struggling with what to choose. Lots of music makes me feel good but I am leaning towards Pink Floyd. I tried the one program to use on the cpu but keeps giving me an error but hopefully my new mic and headset makes it work. I Promise I will have it done by this week.

Old subby is fighting me on some stuff but am doing well fighting off most of it. No TV is going to be hard but I already know its something I do not need in my life anyway. Not forever, but I think it will be good for me.

Gonna hunt for some music, until next time….

Master Key Week 6

This has been the most challenging week for me since I have started the program. My wife, my business partner, my daughter and worst of all my subby have all caused me extra grief this week. I wont get into specifics cause it would take to long and only focus on negative which I know is up to me to dwell on or not. The one thing that’s different about this week is that as tough as it has been its rosy compared to many weeks of the past. The biggest difference is that I am now able to observe this process and change my thinking about it where as before I just soaked myself in it.

I do feel pretty good about this weeks homework other that the movie poster. I have acquired all of my materials and my compass but have yet to construct it, I have spent a lot of time looking for images online but I plan on putting it together tonight. I got all my shapes up around the house as well as the guy in the glass (really like that by the way) and I haven’t missed a read this week. I have missed one sit and still have the essay for this week but overall I feel good about it all. My service/chore is pretty much done already too.

Funny how when you sit back and really reflect on things it never really is as bad as it can seem at times. I had a follow up appointment with my doctor and my blood pressure is lower than is has been in almost a year and I owe the MKMMA a lot of credit for that. I also had a really good meeting with my therapist Wednesday and tapped in my DMP with her. It felt really good and my overall focus is so much more positive than it used to be.

Yesterday was my wife’s 40th birthday but tomorrow is the party. I bought her a 28 bottle dual zone wine fridge fully stocked as well as put together a collage of pictures with the help of her sister and sister in law. I tried sharing it here but it isn’t cooperating. Anyway tomorrow will be fun as we rented a space upstairs of a bowling alley that has billiards, skeet, shuffleboard, and other adult arcade type games. We do not do a lot of that anymore since Violet has been around so it will be a nice change. Feels like I could ramble today but I will just stop here and say,

Until next time…….