Master Key Week 5

So the journey continues yet the weight of reality stems the flood of wondrous things that I was feeling last week. Not that anything terrible has taken place, nor am I discouraged, it just simply was more difficult and less greatness experienced each day than it was last week. Yet as I write this I realize that it has been a better week than many in my life before MKMMA so the gratitude is there and my motivation to continue is strong.

I am having trouble with the interview portion but should have something by nights end. I also struggle with the SITS. It is the one thing that I am continuously missing due to trying to make it happen at different times during the day ( I know, I know…..write it down or it won’t happen), guess that’s another struggle for me :(. Once I go sit in my garage, being still, or quiet is not difficult. The exercises can be challenging to stay focused on but when I do it the 20 mins is actually a nice experience. I have not yet read all of the Emerson essay as it has been hard for me to read it on top of all the other reading (which I have been 98% on) and reading is not a strong suite for me. I will get to it though, I promise.

During this seemingly negative blog, lol, I would like to share that my guide has released me from further modifications to my DMP. So that was an awesome accolade. I know that as I grow things will change within it and myself but the core is strong and I FEEL GOOD when I read it. That back and forth was slightly annoying at first but now that I have a solid version I understand that I couldn’t have gotten there any other way. Thanks to Justin Leader, I appreciate your input and direction.

Well, I need to get back to work but should be back to post my “press release” later but I suspect it will not be a masterpiece out of the gate. I should probably go read someone else’s to see what its like.

Until next time……


Master Key Week 4

I cannot believe the personal changes within I have been experiencing specifically over the last 48 hours. My pep-tides are responding to joy and happiness for the first time in a long, long time. I could not wipe the smirk from my face all day yesterday and today is not much less. It really is a wonderful experience thus far and I only anticipate it to continue.

My spirit “I” has witnessed my mind and my subby argue a couple times and it is unthinkable of my old blueprint to be able to change a “thought” or a “feeling” to bend to the will of my spirit. Truly amazing for me to experience.

I am finally beginning to include enthusiasm in my reading because I have felt the Kundalini wave wash over me now a few times when I am really feeling the emotion of a reading or sitting quietly and thinking about the possibilities of what is coming in my life. So I will be “quitting” this week as well 🙂

I have always been successful with money and material needs cause I do not place too much importance on those but I have been void of bliss and joy for most of my life with moments sprinkled in. First loves, getting married, having my daughter along with a few other lovely memories aside the majority of my thoughts and energy have been consumed with worry, fear, frustration and despair because of all the shitty things that happen in the world every day.

I kid you not that since I committed to this journey on that first Sunday my thoughts have done a 180 towards the wonder of what is to come and how I am going to impact many people through my metamorphosis when we are done. Excitement has been lost on me for too long and it sure feels good to feel good! I am truly GRATEFUL for this opportunity. I am answering my call.

Until next time……

Master Key week 3

Well week 3 has been more difficult being on vacation than I would have expected. Too much alcohol and good food makes it tough to focus on homework, lol. Not to mention there is always something to do or somewhere to go with the family.

The energy here on Maui is definitely different and hard to adjust to after coming from the city. It’s refreshing and frustrating at the same time. I am still feeling good about the program but struggling while vacationing due to lack of structure. I am sure I’ll be singing a different tune on Sunday when we get back to the real world though.

I am seeing a difference in how I am looking at my dmp this week. The specificity to which we are supposed to hone it too is pretty much where I felt it should be and I am sure it will continue to get more and more clear each week. I am truly expecting greatness to come.

This will be my lamest post I am sure but this heat is making me sleepy. Time for another nap 😀

Until next time….



Master Key Week 2

This has gotten a little more interesting this week in the fact that I am noticing things I didn’t expect to. I have been faithful of my readings nearly 100% which is new to me cause i typically do not read much but already find myself looking forward to my next reading. I am going to get a shirt that says “I have lived as an onion plant, it has not pleased me.” I chuckle silently every time I read that line.

There is a lot of stuff to digest and can be a little overwhelming but I have gone through a lot more for other things that does not have the same return that I KNOW MKMMA will provide me. I have experienced success with what this program teaches without knowing it so for me there is no “selling the system” as I already understand that it works I am just learning how at this point which is very exciting.

One thing that stands out at this time is being able to “observe” my old subconscious blueprint trying to dissuade me from my progress. It is literally a conversation between my objective mind and my subjective mind and I am a witness to it. Very odd to say the least but I know I have to just continue with the program one week at a time and I will continue to get more out of it until it’s completed.

I typically do not get excited about things anymore which is one of the things that drew me to the program as my primary objective is to live with more joy and happiness in my life. Only 10 days into it and I can feel the little butterflies of anticipation flutter in my tummy and that feels wonderful.

My wife, daughter and myself are actually flying to Maui tomorrow for a weeks vacation so I am hoping to really absorb even more positive affirmations of this journey over the next week. Wouldn’t it be cool if I was able to run into the worlds laziest net worker and/or his fabulous wife 🙂

Looking forward to Sundays class from Maui!!

Until next time

Master Key week 1

I am sure I am finding myself in a similar position as many others after beginning MKMMA. Excited and overwhelmed at the same time. I believe in the system and the process but it certainly is going to take some time to retrain my Subby.

I can honestly say that even with my procrastination habits, things are already improving as I have at least kept up on my reading everyday, even though I am posting now a mere few hours before deadline. I suppose each week will be done towards the latter as how else will I know my progression until I have gotten a few days past the Sunday lessons.

One thing I do want to say specifically about my experience after 5 days into this is that I already have a different outlook on the world and life in general. I Have spent too much time in the past focusing on things on the outside, and to make it even worse I cannot control any of it. After reading the scroll, master key lesson and blueprint builder each day I am already turning my attention to the inside and worrying less already about those things I cannot.

My family and I are actually heading to Maui a week from today for a weeks long vacation. Even though I know I will have to work a little bit remotely for my business, I anticipate that I am going to have more ample time to work on personalizing things.

Until next time.