MasterkeyDiz – Week 19 Take 5

Week 19 is courage for me. Not something I thought I needed to work on but I chose it for a reason.

Maybe cause Im afraid of what Im pretending not to know, maybe its cause Im not sure of what my calling is or possibly Im afraid of not answering my call.

Regardless its been what ive neen looking for this week. I found over 1000 on Thursday when our flight landed in Hawaii. I think its courageous to get on a plane and fly across the ocean.

Speaking of Hawaii we haven’t been here for a couple years because I let circumstances get in the way.

There where a lot of things over that 2 year period that went down but Im not giving it any power. What I learned is that the power we have, and taught about during this class, is very real. I understand now that what we think about most with feeling is going to happen whether its what we want or not.

Ive been doing well this time, at least 90% participation in all the excercises and its showing. As I said we came to Maui on Feb 13th and was to return the 18th but we decided to stay now until the 22nd. How blessed are we?

The coolest part is the realization that Im fullfilling my PPN’s (true health and liberty) and several parts of my DMP (Golf as often as I want, eagerly awaken early each day with gratitude, vacation and travel often) I am living my life just as Ive been reading 3x each day aling with the other excercises.

I can be what I will to be.

Until next time……

MasterkeyDiz – Week 17/18 Take 5

My Virtues for weeks 17 and 18 were Enthusiasm and Decisiveness. I did pretty good on both, about 50 per day.

I was kind of in a funk off and on for a couple of reasons but I was surprisingly affected by the death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter along with the other poor souls who died on Sunday the 26th. I assume its because I am a father to a daughter but it sort of tail spun me into some real negative thoughts and feelings.

I am better now but pretty disappointed that I let myself get into a bad spot mentally.  I suppose that i am human and I have the ability to change my thoughts and feelings and get back on track.

I have been able to avoid looking for the doom porn that I have historically had trouble evading for an entire week. Although that doesn’t count for the mental diet as I stated earlier I had an off couple of weeks. It has helped me however in general terms by not focusing on things I cannot control.

I am excited that spring is on the horizon and looking forward to blooms but I got to get off my ass and prep my garden beds as well as weed all the fall and winter crap. If I spend a full day or 2 in the yard I can get it ready for some new plants. I will get some stuff in the dirt this week. Need to get peppers and tomato starts going this week cause jenn wants to can a bunch of sauce and pickled jalapenos.

I got my new golf clubs all set now and going to a private club tomorrow that i have never played at so i am really excited to see how they feel. We are going to Hawaii for 5 days in a couple of weeks which is going to be a real short trip compared to the last time we went in 2017 for 10 days but I am not complaining.

Its funny how we are all so different. I am sitting here typing out some amazing things that I am so blessed to experience and yet I can still struggle to get excited sometimes. I am so close to really manifesting all that I want, the only hang up is what I really want to accomplish, have and be.

I have been listening to some other speakers and teachers about the same stuff that MKE is about and it has helped me see some different angles and perspectives. Not that MKMMA doesn’t hit on pretty much everything the MLM and sales vibe that it carries has always been a slight turn off to me as i am not really in either. Regardless something that has become very intriguing to me is the Master mind center that Jason, Zach and myself have been discussing. I think that some seriously great things are going to come from that idea.

Action is awaiting me

Until next time………..

MasterkeyDiz – Week 15/16 Take 5

Ahhh, the Franklin Makeover. Self control followed by kindness.

I realized for the first time that looking for the shapes was really practice for us to notice the virtue’s. Actually as I type this I am thinking that it is to be an observer of all things.

Previously on these observations I would simply notice a handful daily, often not even writing them down but this time I am being diligent and really looking for them. I get about 100 each day and that is really easy after learning a trick or 2 from my mastermind partner Jason Houser. I cant quite get to his level but took his advice to go from 10 or 20 specific individual times to looking at a room and seeing past, present and future virtues. Honestly I dont tbink it even mayters as long as your thinking about the virtue. Law of growth is real.

It is so real in fact that you can grow many negative thoughts if your not careful. Insert 7 day mental diet. I still strugle with that and my excuse is business, spouse, road ragers, etc. Thank goodness for the law of substitution and dual thought.

Ive learned so much from this program and so very grateful for all it has brought to me. Im still learning and growing and let things slip past the guardsman at the gate but much better at believing that everything always works out for us. May not feel that way all the time but I do have faith that if the excercises are practiced with great enthusiasm it is evident that it will manifest as it has been requested.

I have been on a 6 month sabbatical if you will and searching for my purpose. I know we can be, do, have anything we want in life but that seems to be one of the hardest things for me to accomplish. I care most in this world for my darling daughter Violet and have continued do do certain things that i convince myself is for her betterment which often has put me a step back in my positve attitude. I must proclaim exactly what it is that I want and focus all my efforts on that. Regardless of what it may be I recognize that if I am happy and in alignment with my spirit self then everything else will become easier and more harmonious.

I am grateful for so much and am excited to see this year unfold to my desires and persistent thoughts of harmony, happiness and joy.

We just got back from the Hardie Summit in Huntington Beach and got to spend time with some very creative and positive people. I had a quick vision of being a speaker at one in the future to talk about the process that we all go through in life of how we  think and feel and the importance of doing it correctly.

I have more work to do but will get it, I promise.

Until next time…..

MasterkeyDiz – Week 13/14 Take 5

Happy New Year!

I absolutely cannot believe its 2020. I mean Y2K only fealt like it was a couple years ago. Dumbfounding.

I am so glad I was introduced to this program when I was. As I’ve stated in the past I had practiced lots of things we’ve learned here without even knowing what it was. Unfortunately that didn’t start until my early thirties. I imagine at times of what life could be like if I would have learned this in high school?

We are so misled by the powers that be from the very beginning and heaps of concrete dumped upon us is such a shitty deal. I can only imagine what the kids are going to be like when they grow up with all of the distractions from the games,  the cell phones, the twitters, the facebooks the Netflix, the amazons. etc. it is an overwhelming live stream of nonsense. Teaching young minds how not to think is a sad fact.

Whether you believe in conspiracies or not simply looking at the education of today’s high school senior versus 50 years ago is astoundingly evident. I have often said that no creative thinkers are truly desired but rather mindless consuming slave workers for those few who have mastered the right way to think.

Quite a lovely thought for weeks 13 and 14 I know, tis the holidays and I have allowed my old concrete to win. Fortunately for me I know I will be able to dig myself back out.

The traveling, the treats, the drinks, the late nights and no work, no gym or any classes really makes it hard for me to stay on point. I slip back into old habits so easily.

At least I have developed some really positive new habits and will get back up and continue to make good choices for my future self.

I know I am part of the whole but sometimes I just don’t think about it, then forget. I also know how much I want peace and harmony in my life. I will persist until I succeed cause I am natures greatest miracle.

My daughter turned 7 on Friday and that astonishes me even more than 2020. For those that don’t have kids and hears people say how fast it all goes, it truly cannot be understood until you are a parent. My little girl is a completely sentient being now. Her mannerisms, her vocabulary,  her wit is truly incredible. I am so blessed to be her father. When I first started this program she was just turning 3 and although some things may not have turned out as expected I am profoundly grateful for where we are. The lessons learned over the past couple years are going to prevent the same experiences and create new wonderful ones.

I am only going to think about the things that I do want moving forward as that is the only way to achieve them. The law of attraction does not care what you think about so you better be thinking correctly.

Lesson learned but not yet mastered. More practice is required and more emotion is needed.

I know like I know like I know.

Until next time….

MasterkeyDiz – Week 12 Take 5

I hated Christmas for a long time. It was the most special holiday for me cause it meant lots of time at Grandmas and lots of treats from about as early as i can remember until I was in my early 20’s. I still liked it, and would always make it to Grandma and Grandpa’s until 1997.

I do not know if I ever blogged about how my Grandma passed away and I do not really want to get in too deep about it now. Even though it was over 20 years ago the pain of her early departure in my life still brings tears to my eyes without any difficulty. She meant so much to me and was the reason I survived my abusive, destructive childhood. She broke her arm in the Fall at the coast from a sneaker wave. Then whatever medication they put her on started to have adverse affects on her. Somehow before Christmas she had ended up in the hospital. I never went and saw her which is the one thing I regret more than anything to this day. I loved her so deeply and was so scared to see her in any negative light and I convinced myself that she would eventually come home and everything would be OK.

It would be only the first Christmas I can remember in my whole life that I didn’t see my Grandma. I was dating a girl named Crystal at the time and we took a road trip up north to visit her grandparents. The whole time I was there all I could do was wonder if I would ever see her again. I did, but it was on her deathbed. The exact last memory of her I was trying to avoid. From that moment on, I hated Christmas and Thanksgiving cause they reminded me of her. I was so angry and crushed I could not enjoy either of those for over 15 years. Just typing these words makes me want to sob but as I am typing this I am sitting next to my nearly 7 year old daughter, Violet, who was named after her great-grandmother.

It wasn’t until she came into this world that I was able to feel joy again around that time of year and about her second Christmas that I could see that time through her eyes. This will be the 5th Christmas that i have actually looked forward too because of what it means to Violet, and my wife. She always loved the Holidays but my Grinch attitude was always a cloud for her too. We had a deal of alternating celebrating because it just hurt me so much.

Now, not only do I enjoy the traditional things, but really love the giving aspect and soaking myself in gratitude. Not only to or for her but wanting her to understand how blessed we are and how important it is to give to others who are less fortunate (give more get more). I have been able to use the law of dual thought to change my perspective on the holidays and thankful for it.

Persistence is key to change and growth. I am so glad I am doing this program again and grateful for the past 2 years of struggles so that i can appreciate what I have even more. I am also very grateful that i have learned that i am a creator and that i can make choices to improve my life and those around me.

I hope that everyone can enjoy Christmas and it is as special and wonderful that it can be for you all. Merry Christmas.

Until Next Time……………..

MasterkeyDiz – Week 11 Take 5

Got my DMP pretty dialed and looking at it from the perspective of believing its going to happen means that it ultimately will. Whatever you ask for if you believe that you will get it, it shall be yours.

Im doing well with my reads, enthusiastically and seeing my shapes. Service card going well but i need to redo my song and board to match my dmp.

Got my new golf clubs the other day and played well with them my first round. Very excited to play more and keep improving.

Had good meeting with our financial advisers and they are getting me to look at some things from a different perspective.  I really have trouble trusting the system for much longer so I tend to be very risk adverse but having a bunch of money sitting in the housing market could be better used elsewhere to earn more.

We are also looking for property to keep the energy on law of attraction moving towards the dream setup. So much going on, so much to be grateful for.

excited for 2020 opportunities

Until next time…….

MasterkeyDiz – Week 9/10 Take 5

Happy Belated Thanksgiving,

Even when im doing good I tend to do bad. No matter how great my intentions are, when it comes holidays traveled and vacations, I struggle so mightily with all the habits. Primarily the sits.

Yes it is certainly up to me to let everybody know what I’m doing and when I need my alone time but there are often days that are so full with unknown  schedules that it just happens and I am OK with that. Since this is the 5th time I have been around this program, I know that the ultimate goal is to be an independent thinker.

Sometimes life just gets in the way. Even though you make those promises to yourself and developed such a strong habits that some are impossible to ignore, you will miss some every now and then.

That being said I am doing very well currently. We traveled to Arizona for the holiday to visit some family and although the weather wasn’t as nice as it has been in the past it was still 30゚ warmer than home. I also happened to have 2 great rounds of golf down there. On top of the family visits it was a hell of a get away.

The sit with my favorite flower is one of my favorite all time sits and I only did it once during the week. 😕This week’s sit with the shape is crazy hard for me and has been every time I’ve tried it previously. That being said my friend, Jason today shared a picture with me that will help me visualize that better in the future. Regardless this exercise is some real Nikola Tesla Type shit, or in today’s terms, Tony Stark, lol.

However it is a step in the training process of your brain to be able to think through any problem. I sort of see it as a language or a exercise program that you may not be able to do a few of the parts perfectly so you’ll never be a professional status but you can do enough of the rest to develop legitimate skills.

I feel like I’m rambling but mainly I wanna say that over the last couple weeks I have had some serious struggles and confirmations about THINKING and what’s let inside the mind.

My friend Jason today really pointed out something very obvious that I have not seen from a clear perspective. I am going to alter the way I look at that topic and others important to me more guarded moving forward.

Life is great, I am blessed and feel more powerful knowing I have come out stronger and more confident because of the last 2 years and nothing is going to hinder my hero’s journey.

Until next time……..

MasterkeyDiz – Week 8 Take 5

You sank my Battleship!!

I used to love that game and I like the sit around it. Sometimes it’s harder than others and sometimes it flows like a video game intro.

I have reset the mental diet at least a dozen times this week. Much harder than last week and I dont like that, lol.  My daughter who is almost 7 hased push my buttons several times over the last week, and I know there will be several 1000 more times. I came really close to spanking her for the 1st time because she was so disrespectful and defiant. Ultimately of course I chose not to and just told her how disappointed I was with her behavior. Of course that’s all it took for her to apologize cause she is actually a really good girl. Blessed for sure.

We are traveling to AZ for holiday next week and looking forward to a couple rounds of golf.

I still need to refine my dmp so i can refine my movie poster as well as my press release.

Haven’t been as focused this week but dialed on my reads. I have also started listening to subliminal positive messages as I fall asleep again so I can pepper my subby.

Anyway hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

Until next time……



MasterkeyDiz – Week 7 Take 5

Ah, The mental diet.  So powerful yet so challenging. I think this time around I have the best grasp of what it means to guard the gate.

The first time around I was so overwhelmed with everythingmuch like the majority of people who take this course. Some things I did splendidly, some things I did half assed and some things I didn’t do at all. The mental diet was one of the latter.

It’s one of those things that requires extreme effort, diligence and consistency before it can be expected to really work. Now, like most people I have a significant amount of challenges and hurdles that make it really hard to maintain and string together 7 full days. That being said for whatever reason (actually I know the reason it’s called putting in the work) I made it 2 full days before resetting. It was actually my golf game and being negative towards myself that caused it.

I think that is a good sign because of how easy it would be to not be so serious, sense it is only a hobby.

I also recognize the past couple years of not practicing my habits or being consistent with the MKMMA program that I am in the position that I currently am in personally and professionally with the construction company. It is an excellent reminder to be hyper aware of the thoughts and feelings that can create undesirable conditions.

Even though some of the things I’m currently experiencing are not ideal I can recognize that certain things have come to fruition that I didn’t realize until starting the mental diet this week. Some things that I initially saw as negative are actually the fruits from the trees I planted in my mind years ago. The buyout, the move, the coup. All had some very negative aspects and honestly just until recently continued to cast worry and doubt on my thought process.

However now I can see the positive parts to all those, and more. In looking at my old movie poster (I am rebuilding a new one) I was initially disapointed that I hadnt acheieved most of my smart goals that were on the board that reflected my initial DMP. I haven’t acheived my ideal weight (though i am currently stronger and healthier than then), I didnt sell my shates (Rather I bought my out my partner) I dont have my 20 acre compound (Although an amazing 10 acre property with a very nice house presented itself to me but I initially allowed worry of making it work due to doubts with the business) but earning 100k a year working 1 day a week has happened, even more so. The amount of money I am able to earn without doing much work has happened! There is actually a picture of a new kitchen that I thought was going to be part of a different house but when we did the remodel recently it looks eerily similar and it just floored me when I noticed it.

My points to some of this rambling is that I am noticing, as the observer, that several things have happened almost exactly as I wanted them to but more seems to have happened slightly different than expected and only a few things haven’t happened at all or rather I should say yet.

Bottom line is I have been reminded and very excited about the fact that this stuff works.  I am seriously blessed and look forward to recharging the life that I want with unbridled enthusiasm and faith.

The stuff going on with my mom has made a great turn for the better and after 12 days of being in the hospital she has made an almost full recovery. As difficult as she is I am grateful she is still woh us.

Stay positive and guard the gate!

Until next time……..



MasterkeyDiz -week 6 Take 5

Well this is where the rubber starts to meet the road and I have slipped a little bit.

I have a press release since I’ve done this before but it needs some adjustment or I need to readjust my DMP again as a large portion of what I thought I wanted in the last couple years was a cannabis based business but after losing so much time and money trying over a year ago to make it happen I feel as though the universe either had a different idea for me or perhaps a different time period.  I need to do more sits about it.

I also have a pretty cool movie poster but its over 4 years old now and definitely needs an adjustment. I am completely blown away by what my friend Jason and his friend JC have put together as their efforts are off the hook.  It’s inspiring and a deflating at the same time because I know I am not putting forth my best effort towards the current assignments.

I thought my mom was going to die last Wednesday, so theres that. I think I had it one of my previous blogs about her manic state that’s turned very South about 2 weeks ago. I honestly think the home she is staying in drugged her with something they shouldn’t have that nearly killed her. She’s been in the hospital for a week and can at least talk and sit up. She was completely catatonic and an invalid for almost 2 full weeks and thought she may have had a stroke. Luckily she did not but she had pneumonia and abnormal kidney functions along with blown adrenals. It really affected me more than I expected and kind of took some wind out of my sails. But I know that’s today is a new day and it’s up to me to get back on track so that I can continue to manifest the world without that I really desire.

It’s funny how some things have manifested themselves completely from my DMP and that others are still out of reach as I currently see it. I need to be more mindful of the mental diet as I have allowed too many negative thoughts to get past The Guardian at the gate. It is easier said than done for me at times which tells me I need to practice more.

It really trips me out as to how thick some of this concrete is and with all of these tools and skills I still have trouble with commitment and consistent work. It truly is hard mental labor that most don’t want to go through but I am not OK with everything right now even though I am grateful for all of it.

I have allowed the past 2 years to kind of be on cruise control and need to take the wheel. The funny thing is I am still struggling with the fine details of what I really want. I do think that creative expression is a legitimate PPN even though I like to think I don’t need recognition for it but the fact that I plan events around my lilies blooming tells a different story, lol. I do think true health is one I need so that I can be able to do the other things I want but liberty rings more true.

I’m 3 months into taking a step back from my business and focusing more on the house and family stuff but feels like something else is missing. I love that I can pretty much do whatever I want but allowing stress and worry to create fear and doubt about certain things and I know thats flirting with disaster so I must persevere and stick to my habits and continue to create more possitive ones.

I missed yoga for a week due to travel but back at it tomorrow followed up by a vist to the hospital again. Hopefully mom gets out by Thursday and starts PT.

The sits and enthusiasm are still my struggles but have been really good with my other reads. Time to put things into gear.

until next time……